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** “…..The WHO has been lambasted in the past couple of years by scientists, aid organizations, and public health experts for the slow way in which it initially reacted to the Ebola epidemic as it spread across West Africa in 2014. And so far, the hesitant response to the Zika outbreak…..says much about the difficulties that the WHO and other health authorities face in combating unexpected public health threats……”


** ‘……..”We knew this was something else,” says Carlos Brito, a doctor from Recife who told state and federal health authorities in January-February [2014] that they were wrong to classify all the cases as dengue. “But the authorities were slow to believe,” he said…..’

** “….a group of doctors discussing the odd symptoms in text messages – grew frustrated with the authorities’ narrow focus…..”

**  “…It took until early May for the health ministry to recognize that the Zika virus had arrived in Brazil and to alert the…..Pan American Health Organization. ….”

**  “…And it wasn’t until November that a Rio de Janeiro laboratory made a link between the virus and microcephaly….”

Mujeres embarazadas

**  ‘…”My chief criticism is of WHO in Geneva. After being widely condemned for acting late on Ebola, it is now sitting back with Zika,” said Lawrence O. Gostin, a professor of public health law at Georgetown University…..’




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