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MMWR: As of July 7, Zika has been diagnosed in 5,582 people, including 672 pregnant women, in Puerto Rico.


“…The situation in Puerto Rico warrants urgent, comprehensive action to protect pregnant women:

  • The government of Puerto Rico and its municipalities can promote an integrated mosquito management program that includes reducing places with water where mosquitoes lay eggs, keeping mosquitoes out of houses with screens on windows and doors, and reducing the number of mosquitoes by using EPA-approved products. Everyone can follow these steps to help reduce the number of mosquitoes in and around homes.
  • People who live in or travel to Puerto Rico should avoid mosquito bites by using EPA-registered insect repellents, wearing long-sleeved shirts and pants, and staying indoors in places with screens and air conditioning to the greatest extent possible.
  • Pregnant women and their partners should use condoms and other barriers to prevent sexual transmission of Zika virus, or not have sex throughout the pregnancy.
  • Couples who want to prevent or delay pregnancy should talk to their healthcare provider about safe and effective contraceptive methods.
  • Clinicians who suspect Zika in patients who live in or have recently returned from areas with Zika, such as Puerto Rico, should report cases to public health officials…..”


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