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Anthrax postexposure prophylaxis (PEP) was recommended to 42 people after a laboratory incident & 3/4 didn’t finish taking it. How come?

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Postexposure Prophylaxis After Possible Anthrax Exposure: Adherence and Adverse Events.  Nolen Leisha D., Traxler Rita M., Kharod Grishma A., Kache Pallavi A., Katharios-Lanwermeyer Stefan, Hendricks Katherine A., Shadomy Sean V., Bower William A., Meaney-Delman Dana, and Walke Henry T.. Health Security. December 2016, 14(6): 419-423. doi:10.1089/hs.2016.0060.

“…..At least 31 (74%) individuals who initiated PEP did not complete either the recommended 60 days of antimicrobial therapy or the 3-dose vaccine regimen. Among the 29 that discontinued the antimicrobial component of PEP, most (38%) individuals discontinued PEP because of their low perceived risk of infection; 9 (31%) individuals discontinued prophylaxis due to PEP-related minor adverse events, and 10% cited both low risk and adverse events as their reason for discontinuation. Most minor adverse events reported were gastrointestinal complaints, and none required medical attention……”


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