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The United States: 126 confirmed cases of Candida auris as of Aug 31.

September 18, 2017: Case Count Updated as of August 31, 2017

Candida auris is an emerging fungus that presents a serious global health threat. C. auris causes severe illness in hospitalized patients in several countries, including the United States. Patients can remain colonized with C. auris for a long time and C. auris can persist on surfaces in healthcare environments. This can result in spread of C. auris between patients in healthcare facilities.

Most C. auris cases in the United States have been detected in the New York City area and New Jersey. Strains of C. auris in the United States have been linked to other parts of the world. U.S. C. auris cases are a result of inadvertent introduction into the United States from a patient who recently received healthcare in a country where C. auris has been reported or a result of local spread after such an introduction.

Please note that as of September 18, 2017, the total case counts reported include both probable and confirmed clinical cases; previously reported case counts included only confirmed cases. Case counts for some states are quite a bit higher than those listed before September 18, 2017 because of the change in reporting, and not because of a large increase in new cases. Read more below about how cases are defined.

U.S. Map: Clinical cases of Candida auris reported by state, United States, as of August 31, 2017

Clinical cases of C. auris reported in the United States as of August 31, 2017. States counts are listed in the below table.Cases are categorized by the state where the specimen was collected. Most probable cases were identified when laboratories with current cases of C. auris reviewed past microbiology records for C. auris. Isolates were not available for confirmation. Early detection of C. auris is essential for containing its spread in healthcare facilities.

Table: Clinical cases of Candida auris reported by state, United States, as of August 31, 2017

State Number and type of clinical Candida auris cases reported
Confirmed Probable
California 1 0
Connecticut 1 0
Florida 2 0
Illinois 4 0
Indiana 1 0
Maryland 1 0
Massachusetts 3 0
New Jersey 26 23
New York 86 4
Oklahoma 1 0
TOTAL 126 27

Beyond the clinical case counts reported above, an additional 143 patients have been found to be colonized with C. auris by targeted screening in four states with clinical cases.

CDC will update case counts monthly.

Single cases of C. auris have been reported from Canada, Germany, Japan, Kuwait, and Norway. Multiple cases of C. auris have been reported from Colombia, India, Israel, Kenya, Oman, Pakistan, Panama, South Korea, South Africa, Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States (primarily from New York City Metropolitan Area and New Jersey) and Venezuela; in some of these countries, extensive transmission of C. auris has been documented in more than one hospital. U.S. cases of C. auris have been found in patients who had recent stays in healthcare facilities in India, Pakistan, South Africa and Venezuela, which also have documented transmission.

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