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A reporter in the Kabul bureau of The New York Times: When she hears bombs explode

NY Times

“….[C]all my little brother…..”

“….I was a civilian, not a journalist, at the first suicide bombing I witnessed…… It was a hot July day and I took refuge from the afternoon heat in the shade of a wall.

That wall saved my life. I have no words to describe the horrible sound of that blast, a sound I had never heard before. Dust filled the air and I was lying on the ground, too shocked to move. Which was fortunate because a few minutes later came another blast — a vicious trick of terrorists to get first responders as well. Flying glass cut my nose, but I had no other injury.

Far worse was what I saw: the dead and dying, the dismembered victims and distraught survivors, the terrible screams of agony and suffering, and the howls of despair and rage. The blast killed 84 and wounded more than 400…..”


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