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MERS-CoV is known to spread more easily in healthcare settings


“……Over the past year, a cluster of 61 cases in Wadi ad-Dawasir in February and March sickened 61 people, 14 of them health workers. The outbreak involved six healthcare facilities, and human-to-human spread occurred in two of them. Then in April, one of two unlinked clusters in Khafji resulted in 10 cases, 5 of them involving healthcare workers……

The main epidemiologic pattern for MERS-CoV (Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus) remains the same—many introductions from dromedary camels in the Middle East and secondary transmission in healthcare settings, the WHO said. Household transmission among close family members is still limited for unknown reasons, but healthcare-associated outbreaks in the region are occurring more often, are typically small, and can affect several hospitals…..”

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