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FEMA SitRep 9/5/19



Hurricane Dorian continues to move along the Southeast US coast and is expected to approach South Carolina today. Life-threatening storm surge and dangerous winds expected along portions of the coasts of GA, SC, and NC and portions of southeast VA and the southern Chesapeake Bay, regardless of the exact track of Dorian’s center.

Hurricane Dorian (CAT 3) (Advisory #48A as of 5:00 a.m. EDT)

• 70 miles SSE of Charleston, SC

• Maximum sustained winds 115 mph; moving N at 8 mph

• Hurricane-force winds extend 60 miles and tropical storm-force winds extend 195 miles

Lifeline All lifelines remain GREEN

Safety and Security • Mandatory evacuations in effect in FL (1 county); SC (8 counties) and NC (6 counties)

Food, Water, Shelter • FEMA Commodities have arrived at ISBs (NBEOC) •

Region IV: 113 (-26) shelters with 6.6k (-2.7k) occupants (FL: 32/1816; GA: 13/2,038; SC: 33/2015; NC: 35/792) (ESF-6 as of 6:00 a.m. EDT) • 1 Mega shelter open in Durham, NC with 1.5k capacity (ESF-6 as of 4 Sept 11:00 a.m. EDT)

Energy • SC: 190K reported without power (Eagle- I as of 7:30 a.m.EDT);   Fuel industry partners affirm fuel supplies and distribution remain stable (NBEOC)

Transportation • Airports: SC: Charleston International Airport, Florence Regional Airport, and regional/county airports closed; NC: Wilmington International Airport closed (FAA as of 6:00 a.m.) • Ports: Canaveral and West Palm Beach re-opened with restrictions; GA: Savanah and Brunswick closed; SC: Charleston closed; NC: Wilmington and Morehead City closed

Local Preparations/Response • FL, GA, SC, NC, and Seminole Tribe of Florida EOCs at Full Activation; VA EOC at Partial Activation • TN, MS EOCs at Monitoring • Governors declared a State of Emergency for all counties in FL, NC, VA, STOF and for the coastal counties of GA and SC
Federal Preparations/Response • NRCC at Level I, 24/7 with all LNOs and ESFs  • Region III RWC at Enhanced Watch; RRCC Level II (day shift only) o LNO deployed to VA • Region IV RRCC at Level I, 24/7 o LNOs deployed to FL, STOF, GA, SC, and NC • IMAT Teams deployed: o National IMAT East: FL o Region III IMAT: VA EOC o Region IV IMAT-1: FL; IMAT-2: GA o Region VII IMAT: SC o Region VIII IMAT: NC • ISB Teams deployed to AL, GA, NC, and SC o Charlie Team at Fort A.P. Hill, VA


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