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FEMA SitRep, 9/7/19: Dorian’s impact


Lifeline NC Energy lifeline is YELLOW; anticipate returning to GREEN later today as power is restored; all other lifelines remain Green

Safety and Security • US&R: Fort Bragg, NC: 1 Type I TF, 7 Type III TFs, 3 MRP-W TFs, and 1 HEPP; Ft. Jackson, SC: 1 Type 1 TF, 1 Type III TF; 1 MRP-W TF, 1 HEPP package; Columbia, SC: 1 Red IST (has begun demobilizing), 1 IST C cache, 1 IST E cache (ESF-9 Update, NRCC SLB 12:00 p.m. EDT) • Evacuations: NC –Mandatory 3 counties, voluntary 8 counties; SC evacuations lifted

Food, Water, Shelter • Shelters: NC 12 (-63) with 901 (-2,888) occupants; SC 1 (-22) with 16 (-1,339)occupants; VA 1 with 76 occupants (ARC Midnight Shelter Count as of     6:16 a.m. EDT) • Planned capacity for sheltering across SC, NC and VA is 30k Health and Medical • Fatalities / Injuries: FL 6 / 0; NC 1 / 0 (NRCC SLB as of 6:00 p.m. EDT)

Energy • SC: 30k (peak 160k) customers without power; NC: 61k (peak 235k) customers (DOE Eagle- I as of 6:45 a.m. EDT) • All cities reporting at least 90% retail fuel availability (NRCC SLB as of 6:00 a.m. EDT)

Transportation • Airports: NC and SC – all airports open • Ports: NC: Wilmington open with restrictions (NRCC SLB as of 6:00 p.m.)

Local Preparations/Response • SC Governor requested a Major Disaster Declaration on Sep 5 • NC EOC at Full Activation • VA and MD EOCs at Partial Activation • TN, MS and SC EOCs at Monitoring

Federal Preparations/Response • NRCC at Level I, day shift; Level III with select ESFs, night shift • Region III RWC at Enhanced Watch, night shift; RRCC transitioned to Level III, day shift only o LNO deployed to VA and MD • Region IV RRCC at Level I, 24/7 o LNOs deployed to SC and NC • IMAT Teams deployed: o Region III IMAT: VA EOC o Region IV IMAT-1: FL; IMAT-2: reconstituting o Region VII IMAT: SC o Region VIII IMAT: NC • ISB Teams deployed to AL, GA, NC, and SC o Charlie Team at Fort A.P. Hill, VA • MERS assets deployed to NC, SC, VA, FL and GA

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