Global & Disaster Medicine

Situation Post-Tropical Cyclone Dorian is heading towards Newfoundland, Canada and is no longer impacting the U.S.


Lifeline All lifelines are Green

Safety and Security

• US&R: all task forces and Red IST have demobilized and are returning to home station (NRCC SLB 1:00 p.m. EDT) • NC Evacuations: • Mandatory for Dare County • Hyde County under ferry restrictions, only first responder personnel allowed to and from the island (Region IV as of 3:25 am EDT)

Food, Water, Shelter

• NC Shelters: 1 shelter open with 1 occupant (Region IV as of 7:30 a.m. EDT)


• Minimal power outages remain across impacted states (As of 7:30 am EDT. Customer outage data is provided by the Department of Energy’s EAGLE-I system. Comprehensive National coverage of all electrical service providers is not available.)


• NC Ports: Wilmington open with restrictions; Morehead City closed, anticipate re-opening on Sep 9 (NRCC SLB as of 1:00 p.m.)

State/Local Response

• SC Governor requested a Major Disaster Declaration on Sep 5 • GA EOC at Full Activation • NC EOC at Partial Activation • TN, VA and MD EOCs at Monitoring • SC and MS EOCs returned to Normal Operations

Federal Response

• NRCC de-activated • Region III RWC returned to Steady State; RRCC de-activated o LNOs remain deployed • Region IV RRCC de-activated o LNOs deployed to SC, NC, FL and GA • IMAT Teams deployed: o Region III IMAT: demobilized and returned to home station o Region IV IMAT-1: demobilizing; IMAT-2: returned to home station o Region VII IMAT: SC; will demobilize on Sep 9 o Region VIII IMAT: NC • ISB Teams deployed to AL, GA, NC, and SC o Charlie Team at Fort A.P. Hill, VA • MERS assets deployed to NC, SC, VA, FL and GA

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