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4/15/2013: two bombs go off near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, killing three spectators and wounding more than 260 others



10/23/1983: A suicide bomber drives a truck filled with 2,000 pounds of explosives into a U.S. Marine Corps barracks at the Beirut International Airport killing 220 Marines, 18 sailors and 3 soldiers.

History Channel


July 7, 2005: Suicide bombs are detonated in 3 crowded London subways and 1 bus during the peak of the city’s rush hour, killing 56 and injuring another 700.




15 Injured, Some Critically, After 2 Men Set Off IED At the Bombay Bhel Restaurant in the city of Mississauga.


Kandahar, Afghanistan: At least 16 people, including security personnel and bystanders, were killed on Tuesday as bomb disposal experts tried and failed to defuse explosives in a parked car.

NY Times


Suicide bombers killed at least 11 and wounded another 40 in attacks on Christians attending Sunday morning services at three churches in Surabaya, Indonesia.



A training exercise video of the Manchester bombing, May 22, 2017

3/11/2004: 191 people are killed and nearly 2,000 are injured when 10 bombs explode on four trains in three Madrid-area train stations during a busy morning rush hour.


“A former teacher at a charter high school and his twin brother were arrested on Thursday on federal bomb-making charges, stockpiling more than 32 pounds of ingredients for explosives in a closet in their apartment in the Bronx…..”

NY Times

“…..The teacher paid high school students $50 an hour to break apart fireworks to extract the explosive powder…..”

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February 13, 1945: A series of Allied firebombing raids begins against the German city of Dresden, reducing the city to rubble and killing as many as 135,000 people with the bombing and the resulting fires.



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