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12/6/1917: Imo, a Belgian steamer and Mont Blanc, a French freighter, both loaded with WWI ammunition, collide and explode in Canada’s Halifax Harbor, leveling part of the town and killing nearly 1,600 and injuring approximately 8,000.




10/12/2000: A motorized rubber dinghy loaded with explosives blows a 40-by-40-foot hole in the port side of the USS Cole, a U.S. Navy destroyer that was refueling at Aden, Yemen.

History Channel

  • Seventeen sailors were killed
  • 38 wounded


Tanzania: Hundreds feared dead as their passenger ferry sank between two islands in Lake Victoria



7/24/1915: The steamer Eastland overturns in the Chicago River, drowning between 800 and 850 of its passengers who were heading to a picnic.


11 dead, others missing after boat capsizes during a powerful storm on Table Rock Lake near Branson, MO.


Off the northern coast of Cyprus: At least 19 people are dead after a ship carrying around 150 presumed migrants capsized in the Mediterranean, but 103 have been rescued so far.

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Bob Lo Boat Fire today

A boat carrying dozens of Chinese tourists overturned Thursday in rough seas off southern Thailand with 48 rescued and 49 missing.


6/30/1900: 4 German ships burn at the Hoboken docks in New Jersey, killing more than 300


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1 dead and dozens are missing from a ferry that sank on Indonesia’s Lake Toba.



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