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10/16/1996: A stampede of soccer fans before a World Cup qualifying match in Guatemala City kills 84 people and seriously injures more than 100

History Channel

Mumbai: A rush hour stampede during a sudden monsoon downpour at a railway-station in India’s financial hub of Mumbai killed at least 22 people and wounded more than 30

US News

More than 1,500 people were injured when panic swept through a crowd of Juventus fans watching the Champions League final in a piazza in the northern Italian city of Turin



At least 24 people died and dozens more were hurt in a stampede in the ancient city of Varanasi on Saturday


“….Deadly stampedes are common at India’s big pilgrimages and religious festivals.

In 2008, 145 people died when a panicking crowd pushed people over a ravine in north India.

In 2013 a crowd rush at a railway station killed at least 36 Hindu pilgrims, attending a festival.

Last July, at least 27 were killed and dozens more injured in a stampede at a Hindu festival in south India and in

August 10 more died in a similar incident in Jharkhand…..”


At least 24 people were killed and 20 others injured in a stampede that occurred as they were crossing a crowded bridge to reach a Hindu religious ceremony in northern India

Washington Post


Several dozen people died in a stampede Sunday morning when a religious celebration in Ethiopia turned into an anti-government protest

Washington Post


How many really died during Hajj three months ago?

NY Times


**  2,411 killed was based on what the AP described as its updated compilation from state news reports and official remarks from 36 of the more than 180 countries where pilgrims had traveled from.

**  The Saudis claim that 769 pilgrims died in the stampede.



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