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How do I log onto my course as a student?

Instructors have access to a student account that enables the instructor to view the course from the student’s perspective.  The account is listed as Student View in the course roster, and instructors can access the student account by entering their UTAD username followed by a “dot s” e.g UTAD.s, and the password is the instructor’s birthdate.  The birthdate is to be entered with slashes and no leading zeroes.  For example, March 5, 1980 would be 3/5/1980. 

The student view account allows instructors to view the course from the student’s point of view.  It is handy for checking to make sure that all course files are available to students, and that content items, tests and assignments have been made available to students.  Also, it is useful to verify that adaptive release settings have been applied correctly.  To do this, simply search for utad.s under username, or Student View under the full name search.  In addition, the account can be used for submitting test quizzes or assignments.

Delete Dropped Students

If students dropped my course do they still have access to my course site?  Faculty members who used WebCT(Bb4.1) asked this question since we adopted WebCT many years ago. We did not have a solution. Faculty members had to compare the WebCT course roster with the class list in Banner, and manually delete, deny access, or make students inactive. Now we have good news for you if you are using Blackboard 9.1.

The Academic Support staff will exploit a feature in BB9 that allows them to batch-upload students who withdraw from a course without deleting student data from the course site.  This is a feature we have long sought; at least it is a big step toward that feature.  Here’s how it works:

Academic Support will, at regular intervals to pull a report of students who have withdrawn from a course in Banner.  They will then upload that roster to BB9, which will cause the withdrawn student to appear in the BB grade book as “unavailable.”  If a faculty member wants that student record hidden, they just need to “hide record” and the student won’t appear.

Please contact utlv@utoledo.edu if you have questions regarding this process.

Why is this random person listed as an instructor in my BB9.1 Course?

From time to time, instructors may notice that there is an additional person listed as an instructor in their course.  This occurs because Learning Ventures staff may need to enroll themselves into the course while responding to technical issues.  Once the UTLV staff member completes the task they are working on inside the course, the staff member will remove him/herself from the course.  If an instructor happens to notice that there is an individual listed in Blackboard as an instructor that is not an assigned instructor, the instructor can contact Learning Ventures about the issue, and UTLV will check to make sure that the proper individuals have access to the course and will verify the status of any tasks that are being completed in any course.  To limit confusion for students and instructors enrolled in a particular course, UTLV staff will remove themselves from the course after they have completed their tasks.

Student Access to Blackboard 9.1

Students are already loaded into BB9.1 for the Spring Semester so that they can access the orientation site.  They will have access to their class on midnight on the class start date.  Students will not have access until the course start date. However, if you are using Blackboard 9.1  this spring and would like to grant students access before the start date, please do the following to change the course duration:

  • Click “control panel”
  • Click “customization”
  • Click ” properties”
  • Choose a new start date for “Set Course Duration”
  • Click “submit”

If an instructor has any further questions or would like assistance, please contact the Learning Ventures Support Services at UTLV@utloedo.edu or by phone at 419-530-8835.

Attention “Respondus” Users

We heard from a faculty member today who asked, “Why did I get an error message when trying to publish a test to Blackboard 9.1 using Respondus?” When trying to publish a test to Blackboard using respondus, instead of a “successful” message he received an error message in the final stage. If you are a Respondus user you will also receive an error message – “Error Importing Exam”– in the final stage when publishing a test.

The issue is caused by an incompatibility between the Respondus software package and the service pack 3 we just applied to Blackboard 9 a week ago. However, Respondus has released an update to fix this problem. To resolve this problem, simply start your Respondus, click “Help” > “Check for Update” > “Get Update.”

If you do not use Respondus to create, publish, and assess tests in Blackboard, search this blog for “respondus” and visit an instructional designer or one of our “Hone In” sessions to learn more.

Feel free to contact UTLV@utoledo.edu if you have questions.