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Respondus LockDown Browser – Mac/Java issue

If you use Mac OSX with the latest release of Java (version 1.6.0_29) Respondus LockDown Browser will crash when you take an exam containing essay questions.

The issue is that WebKit-based browsers running with Java 1.6.0_29 will crash if a Java applet is encountered. Respondus LockDown Browser relies on WebKit so it exhibits the same behavior. Respondus developer community anticipates that either WebKit or Apple will resolve this issue in quick order.

Academic Support has applied a patch for the Mac edition of LockDown Browser released by Respondus. The patch will detect, upon startup, whether a user is running Java 1.6.0_29. If this combination is found, users will receive this message:


WARNING: Java version 1.6.0_29 detected.

This version of Java is known to be incompatible with your learning system and may cause this browser application to crash. We recommend that you do NOT continue. As a work-around, you may consider using a different computer.

    [Quit]  [Continue]


If you see the warning message, click “Quit” and use another system such as Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard to take tests with LockDown Browser.  All main campus computers in the Information Commons and college labs should have a working copy of Respondus installed.