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BB9 Java Certificate Warning


Beginning at 8 PM on Sunday, April 15, you may receive a Java Certificate warning when you attempt to utilize the following tools in Blackboard:

  • The ‘Chat’ / ‘Virtual Classroom’ tool (not Blackboard IM).
  • The ‘Equation Editor’ tools which are part of the embedded text editor.

The warning message may be slightly different depending on the operating system, browser and security programs installed on the computer accessing these tools. In all cases, you will need to accept the invalid/expired certificate (by clicking ‘yes’, ‘proceed’, ‘run’ or a similar button). Once you have accepted the warning, the tool will function normally.

Note: Instructors will receive a similar warning when accessing the ‘Multiple File Upload’ tool available to instructors from their ‘My Files’ area.

Here is a selection of sample error message which you might see when you attempt to use any of the tools above.

Windows + Firefox users: Click “Run”or “Yes” in the dialouge box.

Windows + Chrome Users: Click “Run this time” in the yellow banner.

Mac Users: Click “Allow” in the dialogue box.

Blackboard is currently working with universities that use Blackboard 9 to resolve this issue. If you are having additional problems, contact our Learning Ventures helpdesk at 419 530 8835 or email utdl@utoledo.edu. We will keep you updated about this issue via this blog.

Blackboard Chat

If you are having a problem with the chatting feature in Blackboard, there is now a fix.

The problem was a java issue with a patch that we installed. We rolled back the patch to resolve the problem for new chat users, but any users that had used chat before in any capacity will need to clear their java cache for it to work properly.

Note: Java cache is different than browser cache! See below for instructions to clear the java cache.

Instructions for clearing Java cache:



Cookie settings for SafeAssign/Direct Submit

To use SafeAssign, your browser must be configured to accept third-party cookies.

If you receive a popup error after attaching the file or if you are notified of a red “Instance Not Found” error, you will need to configure your web browser to enable third-party cookies. If you have any further difficulties after doing so, please let Learning Ventures know. Thanks

Please follow the browser-specific instructions below to enable third-party cookies:

Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE)

To enable cookies in IE 8:

  1. Click Start > Control Panel. (Note: with Windows XP Classic View, click the Windows Start button > Settings > Control Panel).
  2. Double-click the Internet Options icon.
  3. Click the Privacy tab.
  4. Click the Advanced button.
  5. Select the option ‘Override automatic cookie handling’ under the Cookies section in the Advanced Privacy Settings window.
  6. Select the ‘Accept’ or ‘Prompt’ option under ‘First-party Cookies.’
  7. Select the ‘Accept’ or ‘Prompt’ option under ‘Third-party Cookies.’ (Note: if you select the ‘Prompt’ option, you’ll be prompted to click OK every time a website attempts to send you a cookie.)
  8. In the Internet Options window, click OK to exit.

Mozilla Firefox

To enable cookies in Mozilla Firefox (9, Windows):

  1. Click Tools > Options.
  2. Click Privacy in the top panel.
  3. Set ‘Firefox will:’ to ‘Use custom settings for history’
  4. Select the option ‘Accept cookies from sites’ and ‘Accept third-party cookies’.
  5. Click OK.

To enable cookies in Mozilla Firefox (Macintosh):

  1. Go to the Firefox drop-down menu.
  2. Select Preferences.
  3. Click Privacy.
  4. Under Cookies, select the option ‘Accept cookies from sites’ and ‘Accept third-party cookies’.

Safari (5.1 for Macintosh

  1. Go to the Safari drop-down menu.
  2. Select Preferences.
  3. Click Privacy in the top panel.
  4. Under ‘Block Cookies’ select the option ‘Never.’

Extended Blackboard Technical Support for Faculty

Learning Ventures is pleased to announce that we have extended the weekday hours for Blackboard technical support for faculty. These extended hours now match those previously provided to students.

Faculty can now received technical support Monday through Thursday from 8:30 AM till 8:00 PM and on Friday from 8:30 AM till 6:00 PM.

To contact one of our Educational Technologists for technical assistance and support with Blackboard, please call 419-530-8835 or email UTLV@utoledo.edu.