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Dr. Perry Samson coming to UT to promote Lecture Tools

·      Are you interested in having your students be more active and engaged during your lectures?

·      Do you ever wish students asked more questions during your lectures?

·      Do you wish you knew what your students were thinking during class?

If so, you will likely be interested in learning more about a new product, LectureTools, that will beavailable for your use beginning Fall 2014!

Lecture Tools is a system similar to “clickers” that is designed to improve student engagement and attentiveness but includes expanded functionality. It allows instructors to import any existing slideshow and to enhance their presentation in a number of ways. Students can interact with the content by means of embedded multiple choice, open ended response and imagequestions. Students can also submit questions in real time that can be answered during the current class or at a later time. Students can take notes withinLectureTools for later reference and can even mark which slides they find confusing so that you know when they have questions. LectureTools contains a number of reporting features that will allow you to assess students’ participation after class, anonymously for the group or for individual students.

We are very pleased to announce that the developer of LectureTools, Dr. Perry Samson, will be here on Thursday, February 20. Dr. Samson is a Professor of Atmospheric Science at The University of Michigan. Dr. Samson will demonstrate the features of LectureTools and also share with you his personal story – why he developed LectureTools and how it has helped him enhance his own teaching in large group settings.

Lecture Tools is an application that has the potential to increase your interaction with students as well as students’ interaction with your content in classes of any size.

Please join us on February 20 at one of the following:

9-10 am in SU 2582
12-1 pm in COB 1210
3-4 pm in SU 2582

To register, please visit https://utdl.edu/DL_training/.


OAA Offers New Accessibility Workshops

The Office of Academic Access has partnered with Learning Ventures to offer two technical training sessions related to accessibility:

How to Make Accessible PDF Documents
February 19, 2014 from 9 AM – 10 AM in Carlson Library 0500C
Learn how to properly scan a PDF document, tag a document, add alternative text to images, and more. This workshop will show participants how to create PDF documents that are accessible and readable by computer software.

How to Make Accessible Word Documents
March 12, 2014 from 9 AM – 10 AM in Carlson Library 0500C
Learn how to add headers to a page, add alternative text to images, run accessibility checker, and more. This workshop will show participants how to create Word documents that are accessible and readable by computer software.

Space is limited. To register, please visit: https://utdl.edu/DL_training/.

TurningPoint/Clickers Rep Visiting Campus (2/4 & 2/5)

TurningPoint, PowerPoint Polling, Anywhere Polling, Self-Paced Testing

Learning Ventures’ new TurningPoint (Clickers) Representative, Tom Sheridan, will be spending a full day on campus on Tuesday, February 4, in order to get acclimated with to the department and processes regarding Clickers in the classroom. Tom will be setting aside time that day to visit offices and to answer questions for existing and/or prospective faculty pertaining to the use of Clickers. If faculty cannot meet on Tuesday due to class schedules, meetings, etc., Tom has agreed that he can meet with those faculty by appointment on Wednesday, February 5.  If you are interested in learning more and would like to reserve time to speak with Tom, please contact Tom Sheridan directly at tsheridan@turningtechnologies.com or email Todd Rains in Learning Ventures at Todd.Rains@utoledo.edu.

Revised Patch Expected Availability

Blackboard has revised their target date for the patch for the Java issue.  The patch is scheduled for release on Jan. 29, 2014.

UT cancels classes for Tuesday, Jan 28

UT has cancelled classes for Tuesday, Jan 28. All UT employees are to report per their normal schedules.

Incompatibility with recent Java upgrade and Blackboard

The most recent version of Java (Java 7 Update 51) is currently incompatible with Blackboard.

Do not upgrade your Java client at this time as it may adversely affect the following Blackboard tools:

  • Multiple File Upload
  • Chat/Virtual Classroom

Blackboard is developing a patch and plans to release it on Jan. 23rd.  Application of the patch will be performed as soon as possible after it is released.

If you have already upgraded your Java client, it is recommended to uninstall the client and install an earlier release of Java 7:

How to uninstall Java:





Downloading older versions of Java:


Please let us know if you have any questions at 419-530-8835 or utlv@utoledo.edu

IMPORTANT – Blackboard enrollments impacted by UT partial shutdown

Due to the weather conditions that have caused a partial shutdown of the university, import processes that sync user enrollments into Blackbaord have not run since the last full business day on Friday, Jan. 3rd.  As a result, recently registered students will not yet appear in their Blackboard courses.

UT closed Tuesday, Jan 7.

Due to inclement weather, the University of Toledo will be closed Tuesday, Jan. 7.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

Courses cancelled Monday, January 6.

Due to inclement weather, the University of Toledo will be closed on Monday, Jan. 6.  Technical support will be unavailable until 8:15 am Tuesday, Jan 7, weather permitting.