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Attention “Respondus” Users

We heard from a faculty member today who asked, “Why did I get an error message when trying to publish a test to Blackboard 9.1 using Respondus?” When trying to publish a test to Blackboard using respondus, instead of a “successful” message he received an error message in the final stage. If you are a Respondus user you will also receive an error message – “Error Importing Exam”– in the final stage when publishing a test.

The issue is caused by an incompatibility between the Respondus software package and the service pack 3 we just applied to Blackboard 9 a week ago. However, Respondus has released an update to fix this problem. To resolve this problem, simply start your Respondus, click “Help” > “Check for Update” > “Get Update.”

If you do not use Respondus to create, publish, and assess tests in Blackboard, search this blog for “respondus” and visit an instructional designer or one of our “Hone In” sessions to learn more.

Feel free to contact UTLV@utoledo.edu if you have questions.