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Reset Tests

There are two major processes associated with clearing or resetting a student’s attempt.  If the test is currently available for students to take, only the steps for the first procedure (A) are required.  If the test is no longer available to students, then the instructor must complete the first procedure, and reopen the test availability following the steps for the second procedure (B).  The second session is also applicable to allowing access for makeup tests.

A.  Resetting (clearing) a student’s attempt from the grade center:

  1. Locate the test column and the student’s row in the Full Grade Center (Control panel > Grade Center > Full Grade Center).  An incomplete attempt will be denoted by a pencil and paper icon.
  2. Hover in the student’s cell and click the chevron that appears.
  3. A list of options will appear.  Click on the listed attempt in the format Attempt (Date). This will allow the student’s attempt to be viewed.
  4. Click on Test Information in the bar at the top to expand the test information window.
  5. Click the Clear Attempt Button to remove the student’s attempt.
  6. A dialog box will appear, asking to confirm clearing the attempt. Click OK

The student’s attempt has now been reset.  If the test is still available to students, the student can simply click the test link to retake the test.  If the test link is not available anymore, then the test availability must be extended.

B. Extending Test Availability and Using Adaptive Release to release the test to students.

Part I: Extending the Test Availability

  1. Go to the content area where the test is located and locate the test to be reset.
  2. Click the chevron button next to the test title and choose Edit the Test Options.
  3. Click on Edit the Test Options
  4. Under section 2, change the test availability dates to when the student is to take the makeup session.
  5. Click Submit at the bottom of the page to save the changes, and go back to the test content area.

Part II: Using Adaptive Release

  1. Adaptive Release is used to release an item to select students.
  2. Click the chevron next to the test and choose Adaptive Release.
  3. Set the availability dates under Adaptive Release.  This date should fall within the date specified under Edit the Test Options.  Otherwise the student would not be able to access the test.
  4. Enter the student’s username in the box provided or click Browse to search for the user to release the item to.  To verify the test availability, add the student view account and log in as a student once the settings are entered.
  5. For “Select a Grade Center Column,” leave this option as None.  Otherwise, the student may not be able to access the test.  DO NOT set this option as the current test.
  6. Click Submit when finished.  The test has now been released to the student.