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How do I log onto my course as a student?

Instructors have access to a student account that enables the instructor to view the course from the student’s perspective.  The account is listed as Student View in the course roster, and instructors can access the student account by entering their UTAD username followed by a “dot s” e.g UTAD.s, and the password is the instructor’s birthdate.  The birthdate is to be entered with slashes and no leading zeroes.  For example, March 5, 1980 would be 3/5/1980. 

The student view account allows instructors to view the course from the student’s point of view.  It is handy for checking to make sure that all course files are available to students, and that content items, tests and assignments have been made available to students.  Also, it is useful to verify that adaptive release settings have been applied correctly.  To do this, simply search for utad.s under username, or Student View under the full name search.  In addition, the account can be used for submitting test quizzes or assignments.