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Recent grad set bar high during rotation

doughty“In all of my 23 years as a pharmacist mentor and preceptor, never have I been as impressed with an intern,” Brad Johnson said of Yana Doughty, PharmD ’14, who completed an APPE rotation at Walgreens in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Johnson, who serves as a preceptor for several pharmacy schools, was so impressed with Yana that he said he would take a UT student any time.

“I’ve seen how strong and prepared they are,” he said.

What impressed Johnson most was how proactive Yana was when tackling problems and projects.

“She jumped in immediately asking questions and providing answers. I gave her a project focusing on MTMs as well as targeting New to Therapy patients. I had her counseling patients while with us. She became our immunization specialist since it was influenza season as well,” Johnson said.

Johnson believes Yana will be a valuable asset wherever she chooses to practice pharmacy.

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