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Dr. Sharrel Pinto Leads National Medication Adherence Study

Poor medication adherence has dire consequences, leading to high mortality rates and lower quality of life for patients with chronic disease. Patients who have complex medication schedules may have trouble remembering to take all their medications, and they may not know what to do when they miss doses.

Dr. Sharell Pinto, director of the Pharmaceutical Care and Outcomes Research laboratory and division head for Health Outcomes and Socioeconomic Sciences, is leading the national conversation on medication adherence. As the lead investigator on the STOMPP project, she is demonstrating how community pharmacists, through medication therapy management and adherence packaging, can impact the clinical outcomes and quality of life of patients with metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes.

Through this study, Dr. Pinto hopes to demonstrate the effectiveness of adherence blister packaging, which simplifies adherence by grouping daily medication doses for the patient. Along with the clinical education provided by pharmacists and the continual monitoring of patients by physicians, this  approach might help to improve patients’ health outcomes.

Dr. Pinto’s research was featured in Drug Topics. Read more

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