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PCCA Compounding Bootcamp at UT

In October, the Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA) held its semiannual Compounding Bootcamp for pharmacy students at The University of Toledo. Compounding pharmacists and technicians from PCCA conduct the two-day weekend compounding lab experience. The bootcamp facilitates students’ understanding of the design and principles governing pharmacy compounded preparations, the skills necessary to extemporaneously compound pharmaceutical dosage forms, the mathematical concepts and operations necessary to safely design and dose effective pharmaceuticals, and the governing bodies, laws and regulatory agencies that shape pharmacy practice. PCCA is headquartered in Houston, Texas; UT is the only offsite location for PCCA’s Compounding Bootcamp program.

See a short slide show about this year’s bootcamp

Compounding, It’s Personal

compoundPharmacy students Alexandra Radovic and Marina Stepanski, pictured with UT alumnus Matt Buderer, recount their experiences at the PCCA International Conference.

The Professional Compounding Centers of America International Conference was an opportunity that allowed students to delve into the world of compounding. Alexandra Radovic and Marina Stepanski were the first students in the history of the conference to attend.

Throughout the conference they encountered many new and exciting learning opportunities like the workshops on the liquid protein diet and 12 principles for good customer service. The most exciting concept they learned was about the Compounding, It’s Personal campaign. This campaign is about educating all different groups of people, from legislators to students, about the benefits and need for compounding. The personal stories of the compounders were inspiring, and the students were intrigued by the amount of patient care that goes into each compound.

Radovic and Stepanski were able to make connections with compounders from across the nation and learn about the job of a compounding pharmacist. They also learned about independent compounding retailers and about the current legal issues facing compounding. The other amazing component of attending this conference was how warmly they were welcomed by everyone at the conference. They were able to absorb so much about compounding and all the future opportunities available in this field of pharmacy.