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Thank You, Donors and Supporters

The college recognizes and thanks January 2015 donors.

Adell Shehab Adell and Lilly Shehab Scholarship
Monica Holiday-Goodman Buford T. Lively Health Disparities Scholarship
Amanda Bryant-Friedrich Cancer Research Fund
Jeffrey Barton Cancer Research Fund, Center for Drug Design and Development
James Slama Cancer Research Support Account
Katherine Wall Cancer Research Support Account
Arthur Friedman College of Pharmacy Progress Fund
Charles Bork College of Pharmacy Progress Fund
Daniel Jaquet College of Pharmacy Progress Fund
Karen Ramirez College of Pharmacy Progress Fund
Timothy Silva College of Pharmacy Progress Fund
Diane Saccone Dean Robert J. Schlembach Scholarship
George Haig Dean Robert J. Schlembach Scholarship
Johnnie Early Dr. Johnnie & Diane Early Fund
Jay Mirtallo Endowed Lab Equipment & Technology Fund, Pharmacy General Scholarship Fund
Christine Hinko Hinko Family Fund
Matthew Fettman Hinko Family Fund, Vincent and Laurie Mauro Scholarship
Hania Itawi Itawi and Colleagues Pharmacy Scholarship
Angela Scardina James A. Rice Memorial Scholarship
Mary Powers James A. Rice Memorial Scholarship
Susan Rice James A. Rice Memorial Scholarship
Ming-Cheh Liu Liu Fund for Drug Metabolism Research
Mary Caracci Mary Caracci Scholarship Fund
Christopher McBurney McBurney Scholarship Fund
Marcia McInerney McInerney Fund for Diabetes Research
Liyanaaratchige Tillekeratne Medicinal & Biological Chemistry Seminar Fund
Ezdihar Hassoun Pharmacology Fund
Almasa Bass Pharmacy General Scholarship Fund
Anthony Jensen Pharmacy General Scholarship Fund
Elizabeth Miller Pharmacy General Scholarship Fund
Sheryl Herner Pharmacy General Scholarship Fund
Kenneth Alexander Pharmacy New Lab & Equipment Tech Fund
Diane Cappelletty Pharmacy South America Mission Fund, Pharmacy General Scholarship Fund
Barbara A. Sochocki Living Trust Robert J. Schlembach Alumni Scholarship
Philip Miller Robert J. Schlembach Alumni Scholarship
Andrew Hochradel TAP/P4 Scholarship Challenge Fund
Prerakkumar Parikh TAP/P4 Scholarship Challenge Fund
Toledo Family Pharmacy Toledo Family Pharmacy Scholarship Fund
Megan Kaun Vincent and Laurie Mauro Scholarship
Frederick Williams Williams Family Research Fund

Giving Thanks: A letter on behalf of students

Matthew Jordan, president of the Pharmacy Student Council, penned a thank you letter to scholarship donors and supporters of the college.

As student council president, I was asked to give a short thank you from us students to you, the donors. While trying to come up with the words to say that would truly express what it means for us to have your support, there was one word that came to my mind. That word is hope.

In today’s society, it seems that the media and many other outlets like to focus on the bad, whether it be wars, missing people, plagues and so on. We don’t see much in terms of positive influences in our world. With college costs continuing to rise and a job market that feels shattered, what hope is there to go onto college? Why try? Especially when we have to invest anywhere from four to six years to bring ourselves to where we want to be.

That is where the hope you give us comes in. These scholarships show us that you see something in us that shines through. You see that there are people who can go out there and make a difference and change the world’s direction. With that support, you give us the hope that we need, knowing we can achieve our goals and go out there and make that difference. As students, my wish for each and every one of us is that as we move forward in our paths, and we continue to instill this hope in others. We hope to one day be as humble, generous and wise as you.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

White Coat Mentors

Each year, the College  invites alumni and friends to participate in the White Coat Mentor program, which allows students and alumni to connect meaningfully through philanthropy and interaction.

White Coat Mentors, for both the Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences and the Doctor of Pharmacy programs, sponsor the purchase of a student’s white coat. The coat, which is presented to P1 students at the Professional Advancement Ceremony in the fall, welcomes students to the professional division with a note from the sponsor to encourage the students and invite them to communicate with the mentor.    Learn more