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PCCA Compounding Bootcamp at UT

In October, the Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA) held its semiannual Compounding Bootcamp for pharmacy students at The University of Toledo. Compounding pharmacists and technicians from PCCA conduct the two-day weekend compounding lab experience. The bootcamp facilitates students’ understanding of the design and principles governing pharmacy compounded preparations, the skills necessary to extemporaneously compound pharmaceutical dosage forms, the mathematical concepts and operations necessary to safely design and dose effective pharmaceuticals, and the governing bodies, laws and regulatory agencies that shape pharmacy practice. PCCA is headquartered in Houston, Texas; UT is the only offsite location for PCCA’s Compounding Bootcamp program.

See a short slide show about this year’s bootcamp

PCCA Names Matt Buderer, RPh, Pharmacist of the Year

2013 Pharmacists of the Year banquet honoring Matt Buderer,Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA) has named Matt Buderer, RPh, of Buderer Drug Company in Perrysburg and Sandusky, Ohio, as its Dr. M. George Webber 2013 Compounding Pharmacist of the Year, an award which is presented annually to an independent pharmacist who has demonstrated service excellence to patients, healthcare providers and pharmacy colleagues. Compounding is the pharmacy method of preparing customized medications to meet each prescriber’s and patient’s unique needs. The late Dr. Webber, for whom the award is named, was a long-time professor with the University of Houston College of Pharmacy, and was instrumental in the formation of PCCA in 1981. PCCA President Jim Smith presented the award to Buderer on October 25, 2013, during the company’s International Seminar, held in Sugar Land, Texas.

Buderer is a third-generation pharmacist and an innovator in his field. He has pioneered new compounding techniques developed a large formulary, and his grasp of biochemistry and pharmacology has led him to great relationships with prescribers and patients in his community. He has developed a strong relationship with his local professional baseball, basketball, and football teams, often working directly with their trainers to fix up the players when they need it. Buderer is committed to finding the right medication or formula the patient can take, tolerate and afford. He runs a drug repository program that allows long-term care pharmacies to donate paid for medications to his pharmacy for indigent patients. Buderer has a strong commitment to quality and safety in his pharmacies, and has great relationships with his local legislators on behalf of the pharmacy compounding profession.

Buderer’s family – wife, Nancy; father, Jim; mother, Joyce; and sons, Nathan and Andy (oldest son, Bryce, was unable to attend) – surprised him onstage to help celebrate his award. And several friends and pharmacy colleagues, including Tom Marks, RPh; Gary McCrory, RPh, CCN; Peter Ford, BScPharm; Chris Simmons, RPh; John Preckshot, RPh, CCN; and Lizzie Dragon, gave heartfelt and humorous accounts of what Buderer’s friendship and leadership has meant to them.

Serving compounding pharmacists since 1981, Houston, Texas-headquartered PCCA provides the fine chemicals, equipment, devices, accredited training courses and seminars, and technical consulting assistance necessary to allow compounding pharmacists the ability to compound unique dosage forms according to the patient’s individualized medication needs and the physician’s prescription. PCCA currently has more than 3,900 pharmacist members throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, and countries around the world.