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Recent changes in recruitment efforts in the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Mary F. Powers, BSPharm ’82, PhD ’96
Associate dean for Main Campus Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

In January 2015, Dean Early appointed Dr. Mary Powers as associate dean for Main Campus Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, with oversight of the college’s undergraduate recruitment into the Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) and Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences (BSPS) programs as part of the duties of this post. Specifically, the Student Affairs team has been working on strategies to address consistent declines in enrollments across all of academic pharmacy that have occurred since 2009. The enrollment management team within the college has implemented numerous initiatives and enhancements to our recruitment efforts to increase the numbers of excellent students we attract.

In spring 2015, the college hired a new enrollment management specialist, Angela Lopez, who had experience in UT’s Office of Admissions. Daniel Fackelman, an alumnus of the BSPS program, was hired in fall 2015 to focus on recruitment for the BSPS majors. Together, Angela and Daniel travel throughout the region to share information about our programs, facilities and faculty. Our UT Experience Days, during which prospective students visit the campus and meet faculty and students, now include a faculty lecture series that allows students to learn about the research occurring in our college and the ways this research affects patient care and the pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmacy Camp continues to be a great avenue for introducing students to pharmacy and to our college. José Trevino, director of transfer services and recruitment, added to his duties the role of Pharmacy Camp director. In addition to the traditional Walgreen’s Pharmacy Pharmacy Practice Camp that focuses on pharmacy practice and the profession of pharmacy, the college has added a camp focused specifically on the pharmaceutical sciences. The Shimadzu Pharmaceutical Science Camp is supported by Amway.

Using web technology, we added Echo Targeting advertising as a way to recruit students into the PharmD program and into the cosmetic science and pre-med majors (medicinal chemistry and pharmacology) of the BSPS programs. By enhancing relationships with community colleges and continuing the fast track program for students in the Toledo Early College High School, we are maintaining a pipeline to the BSPS degree.

The college has multiple pathways to apply to the professional division for transfer students and applicants who have already earned a degree. Literature was developed to explain these pathways to our students and facilitate their successful application to the professional division.
The Pharmacy Ambassadors, a student organization closely tied to recruitment and the student experience, has been instrumental in providing campus tours during prospective student visits and hosting high school students who want to shadow, or immerse themselves in the pharmacy student experience for a defined period of time. The office developed a training manual for Pharmacy Ambassadors and showed appreciation for this enthusiastic group with letters of recognition from the associate dean and a cookout for the ambassadors. As an extension to the Pharmacy Ambassadors, we also formed Pharmacy Ambassadors Leadership Society (PALS), a volunteer network of recruitment ambassadors composed of faculty, staff, alumni, and parents of current students.

With a focus on the areas of the state that are most fruitful for recruitment to our college, the Office of Student Affairs developed purposeful recruitment strategies in northeast Ohio and developed recruitment literature focused on students in the greater Cleveland area. The college also established relationships with the Ohio HOSA Future Health Professional high school student organization. The college’s Office of Student Affairs also engaged UT’s recruiters from the Office of Admissions to highlight the recruitment needs of our academic programs.

The results of these efforts to enhance recruitment are anticipated to begin with modest enrollment increases, starting with the freshman class in fall 2017. Thereafter, benefits to our enrollments are anticipated to be seen annually.

Pharmacy Camp Inspires

Each summer, the college welcomes two cohorts of 40 rising high school seniors to Pharmacy Camp, a four-day experience sponsored by Walgreens, that introduces prospective students to pharmacy in a hands-on format. Campers shadowed Toledo pharmacists, visited the Toledo Zoo where they learned about veterinary pharmacy, and made some great friendships with other campers. Many of this summer’s pharmacy campers hope to become next fall’s freshman class.

Galvanizing students to explore careers as pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists is the primary goal of Pharmacy Camp. One camper said, “I can’t thank The University of Toledo enough for giving me such an amazing opportunity and experience of a lifetime. I’ve never been more positive and sure about anything like I now am about attending this school and pursuing pharmacy as my future career.”