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The Master of Plans: Kevin Krock, BSPS ’07

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As director of research and development at Precision Toxicology in San Diego, Alumnus Kevin Krock, BSPS ’07, has experienced career success as a result of planning and hard work. Initially arriving at The University of Toledo with the intent to become a pharmacist, he realized that he was better suited for a career in drug research.

Krock chose pharmaceutics because it offered a stable and interesting career path; formulation was a necessary role in big Pharma that had the potential to grow with the development of new technologies. After graduation, while many of his classmates elected to enter PharmD programs, Krock chose to go to graduate school with a focus on drug research.

“One thing I found amazing in the corporate world is that jobs will be open for six months to a year while they search for the exact right person,” Krock said. “I saw graduate school as the best way to get the necessary experience.”

The pharmaceutics major had given him a strong foundation in biology, chemistry and laboratory experience, which prepared him for graduate study at University of Illinois at Chicago. There, he studied medicinal chemistry and analytical chemistry.

While the pursuit of a graduate degree in research was challenging, it was also very rewarding. Plotting his path carefully, Krock went from working as a research assistant to working as an applications scientist before taking his current position as director of research and development. He advises current students to plan well for their careers.

“Determine what you want out of life and choose your next steps carefully,” Krock said. “If you think research is interesting, speak to faculty members with active labs. Volunteering there will let you meet current Ph.D. candidates, post-docs and research faculty. You can learn a lot from their career paths and determine whether research is for you.”

Among the personal qualities that have helped him to succeed, Krock credits his talent for surrounding himself with brilliant and experienced people from whom he can learn. Asked what has surprised him most about his career journey, he replied, “how much of my success has been due to sheer luck.”

Krock enjoys solving complex problems, a characteristic that makes him well suited to research and development.

With the scientific freedom his work allows, he is able to plan unique projects that affect people’s lives and improve their access to the medications they need.

Ever the risk taker, Krock continues to seek new ways to impact health care by taking on innovative projects.

“People who fear failure will not do well in research and development,” he said.

Refining his professional goals and associating with the right people has contributed to his success over the years, and he isn?t finished yet.