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José Treviño displays his artistic talent in the college

Jose Trevino and Rocky the Pharmacist

Jose Trevino and Rocky the Pharmacist

Most students in the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences know José Treviño for his role as Director of Transfer Services and Recruitment for the college’s Office of Student Affairs, but many don’t know how skillful he is with a chainsaw. About 15 years ago, he was inspired to create wood carvings by a friend who carved totem poles from large pieces of driftwood from Lake Erie.  Wood carving is a way for José to connect with his Latino culture, and he often creates pieces symbolic of his heritage. Many of these adorn his home.

After carving his elaborate creations, José sands them down with a grinder and adds paint or stain, always careful that the beautiful grains in the wood are visible. For José , this pastime provides focus and a way to escape from the stresses of life.

“The tools I use drown out the sounds of what is going on all around me so I can focus on what I am doing.  I also enjoy seeing these pieces begin to take shape,” José said.

While José generally creates these pieces for his family’s enjoyment, some have been seen in the corridors of the Frederic and Mary Wolfe Center and have been featured at art exhibits and even The Toledo art Museum of Art.

Dr. Christine Hinko announces 2014 retirement

Dr. Christine Hinko, Executive Associate Dean of the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Associate Dean for Student Affairs, is retiring at the end of the calendar year. Under her leadership, the college has developed a very effective infrastructure and delivery program for student affairs, and the college has seen significant enrollment growth.

Dr. Hinko’s influence on the college is significant, as has been her support for students, faculty and staff over the years. Dr. Hinko led the efforts to create seamless Student Affairs operations on two campuses and effectively integrated technology into advising and communicating with students. In her fifteen years of leading the Office of Student Affairs, she has created a template for success. In short, she has big shoes to fill. Dr. Hinko’s retirement celebration is being planned by the college, and she has requested that any gifts be made in the form of donations to her scholarship fund.

Through an internal search, talent within the college was identified, and a strategy was developed for continual focus on the unique needs of the student populations on both the Main Campus and Health Science Campus.

In January 2015, Dr. Mary Powers, professor of Pharmacy Practice, will assume the role of Associate Dean for Main Campus Student Affairs and Enrollment Management. Dr. Powers has a history of involvement with the college’s direct-from-high school population and is a respected community pharmacist and residency program director.

Dr. Monica Holiday-Goodman will serve as Associate Dean for Health Science Campus Student Affairs and Diversity. Dr. Holiday-Goodman’s service as co-chair of the Admissions committee and Chair of the Human Diversity committee have prepared her to support professional division and graduate students.

These new appointments harness the tremendous talent found within the faculty of the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences and provide ample support for the development of our students into professionals and practitioners.

Pam Hennen to retire after 20 years of service

Celebrating her retirement this fall is Pam Hennen, secretary in the Office of Student Affairs. Before coming to College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, she worked as a temporary employee in the Student Affairs office of the College of Arts and Sciences and also worked part-time in the Political Science department. She recalls feeling excited on her first day at The University of Toledo, even though she didn’t know anyone.

“It didn’t take long to find help and friends,” she said.

After over 20 years at The University of Toledo, Hennen will miss the wonderful friendships she has formed, as well as seeing students move along in their careers. She also notes the many changes she has witnessed in the past two decades.

“When I started, we had primarily the B.S. in Pharmacy degree and were moving to the PharmD. We changed from quarters to semesters and moved to Wolfe Hall in the same semester. We have updated to our computers many processes we did on paper, and of course the number of faculty and staff has grown,” she said.

Hennen, however, has been a fixture in our college. Over the years, she was often the first face students encountered in the college, greeting them warmly and welcoming their families to The University of Toledo.

Her funniest memory of her time at UT involves Dr. Christine Hinko, executive associate dean and associate dean for student affairs, also retiring this year.

“She had a guest waiting and couldn’t get out of her coat because the zipper was stuck,” Hennen recalled. “I was trying to help her get out of the coat, and we couldn’t stop laughing.”

Remaining connected to UT and the college is important to Hennen, who plans to join the retiree organization and attend college events after her retirement.

The college will celebrate the retirement of Pam Hennen on November 18 from 3-5pm in Salon C of the Radisson at UTMC.