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Meg Sciarini Success Story: MGM & Cirque du Soleil

Meg Sciarini Success storyMeg Sciarini credits her success to the proactive faculty in the Art Department and the Theatre & Film Department, and her own work ethic as an artist. Even before she came to UT as a college student, Meg was on campus as a high school student, doing art installations. She received a lot of support for her ideas from faculty in the Departments of Theatre & Film and Art, and that encouraged her to study at UT. College of Visual and Performing Arts Dean, Deb Davis, a digital media artist in her own right, was a member of the Art Department faculty when Meg was a UT student. Meg said, “She showed me how to experiment with projecting images, that it didn’t have to be flat, and look like a big TV screen. That I had more options than I might have realized.”

Dean Davis remarked, “Meg was always ready to challenge herself. Her ability to push herself beyond the basic requirements of a given course made her an exceptional student. I am very proud that students in the newly formed College of Visual and Performing Arts are landing career positions of such stature. It is testimony to the dedicated faculty and excellent programs students encounter in the arts at UT.”

Some of Meg’s work has been a part of UT play productions such as “Machinal” (Fall 2009) and most recently “The Labyrinth” (Fall 2010), in which moving shadowy nude figures projected onto cloth became ghostly characters trapped in the labyrinth. It was precisely this type of projection work that intrigued the management of MGM, which hired her for Cirque du Soleil. “Artistic projection of video and film is very much a part of live shows right now. So they were very interested in the work I did here at UT.”

Meg Sciarini 2010 dual major Art and Film.

Meg is working for MGM, with the Las Vegas Cirque du Soleil as a projection technician. Her first show will be “Viva ELVIS.” She began her new job March 28, 2011. UPDATE: October 2012 – Meg is now working on the Cirque show “Zarkana” Check it out http://www.cirquedusoleil.com/en/shows/zarkana/show/about.aspx 

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