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Archive for February, 2013

Reporter from the Independent Collegian Writes about UTMC’s Eleanor N. Dana Cancer Center

Assistant News Editor Lindsay Mahaney of The University of Toledo’s Independent Collegian takes a close look at the University of Toledo Medical Center’s new Eleanor N. Dana Cancer Center. In her article, Mahaney wrote about the ribbon cutting and open house events at the new center, and shares information given by Medical Campus Chancellor Jeff Gold, John Dana, diagnostic and clerical manager Shirley Neese, and professor and chair of radiation oncology Changhu Chen.

The article focused on the center’s ability to diagnose, research, treat and provide support services for cancer patients all in one place. Mahaney also mentioned the center’s new, state-of-the-art equipment, including the linear accelerator (LINAC) machine used for external beam radiation treatments.

See the full story here.

Welcome to the New Eleanor N. Dana Cancer Center Blog

On this blog we’re going to look at cancer and related topics from the patient perspective. We’ll write about how cancer affects you and your family. We’ll answer questions you have about diagnosis and treatment experiences. We’ll share heartwarming, uplifting, and inspirational stories. We’ll post encouraging thoughts, helpful tips and positive ways to look at you or your loved one’s cancer experience.

We want to make this blog about our visitors. Share with us what you’d like to read and what you may find helpful while you or someone you care for is living with cancer.

Thank you for joining us.

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