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January/February 2017 – MESSAGE FROM THE DEAN


Welcome to 2017! The New Year always provides an impetus to start fresh! As the new semester begins think of it as your opportunity to freshen your view and sow new seeds to make your path greener and plant new flowers to add the joy and variety you desire in your present and your future.

In our effort to freshen our garden in the College of Graduate Studies, we will announce several changes over the next month. We will see personnel changes, a request for proposals for new graduate programs and new professional and personal development options for our students and mentors. As the university strives to develop its new strategic directions, it is important that graduate education remain actual, relevant and the highest of quality. That is what you demand and that is what we strive to deliver. If you have a graduate program in mind that you would like to see the University of Toledo offer, please respond to the request for proposals that will be announced within the next few weeks. This proposal will be accessible to graduate students as well as faculty and we encourage collaborative proposals between all constituents.

As for professional and personal development, we want to offer what you need. A survey will arrive in your email box soon requesting your input on the areas that you would like to see offered in this domain. If you would like to send me a personal communication instead, please feel free to contact me at
I wish you all the best in the new semester and in the new year.  We will strive TOGETHER to create the future that we desire for our university, community, nation and world, one step at a time!

Most Sincerely,

Amanda Bryant-Friedrich, Dr. rer. Nat
Dean, College of Graduate Studies
Associate Professor of Medicinal and Biological Chemistry

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