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July 25, 1956: The Italian liner Andrea Doria collided with the Swedish ship Stockholm off the New England coast, claiming the lives of 51 people.

Tracking TS Kulap

Tracking Typhoon Noru

Tropical storms and cyclones across the eastern Pacific

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Malaysia: The death toll from rabies outbreak in the Serian district has increased to five people after a 52-year-old man succumbed to the virus at the Sarawak General Hospital

Malaysian Digest

  • Tinding Limbang was pronounced dead at 10.43pm.
  • Tinding was admitted to the hospital for weak limbs, numbness and backache on July 11.



Rabies Fears in Bangladesh: At least 66 people including, six children and five women, were bitten by stray dogs in different areas of Manikganj town in one day yesterday.

Daily Star

  • They were given treatment and anti-rabies vaccines at Manikganj Sadar Hospital.


7/24/1915: The steamer Eastland overturns in the Chicago River, drowning between 800 and 850 of its passengers who were heading to a picnic

History Channel

Afghanistan: A Taliban suicide attacker detonated a car bomb in the western part of Kabul on Monday, killing up to 35 people and wounding more than 40


Nine dead & nearly 20 others were taken from the rig hospitalized in dire condition, many with extreme dehydration and heatstroke


  • Thirty were hospitalized in all
  • 17 of those rescued were being treated for injuries that were considered life-threatening

MCI Triage: The discovery of eight bodies and 30 people severely injured in the back of a tractor-trailer in Texas early Sunday





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