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Two US Navy warships, the USS Kearsarge and the USS Oak Hill, are being deployed to Texas


  • “….Air Force and Navy helicopters began flying rescue missions in Texas on Monday night, according to a US defense official, marking the first use of active duty military assets in the hurricane rescue efforts….”
  • Entire Texas National Guard now activated (12 000)
  • “…Military helicopters are being used alongside Coast Guard helicopters, but the Coast Guard has taken the lead on coordinating air operations…”
  • More than 8,500 have been rescued so far in Houston alone
  • What we know about the death toll

    As rescuers work night and day the number of victims of the storm’s wrath is coming into focus. Here’s what we know about the 28 dead confirmed so far:

    • Harris County: 13
    • Galveston County: 4
    • Montgomery County: 3
    • Fort Bend County: 2
    • Jasper County: 2
    • Jefferson County: 2
    • Aransas County: 1
    • Nueces County: 1


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