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Candida auris: From 2013 through 2017 European officials recorded 620 cases, mostly from four large outbreaks, and 110 of them (17.7%) involved bloodstream infections

“is an emerging fungus that is causing difficult-to-control outbreaks of invasive healthcare-associated infections. Since the first report of in 2009 [2], cases have been reported worldwide. Identification of requires specialised laboratory methodology as traditional identification methods may lead to misidentification [3,4]. In addition, has been associated with resistance to multiple antifungal classes [5] and difficulties related to the interpretation of antifungal susceptibility results [6]. The combination of these characteristics, i.e. propensity to cause nosocomial outbreaks, multi-drug resistance, ability to cause severe disease and difficulties with laboratory detection, render a public health threat ….”

Strain of Candida auris

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