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FEMA’s report on the Kilauea eruption in Hawaii (May 8, 2018)

Situation On May 3, a lava flow broke to the surface in lower Puna on the Big Island of HI.

Since the onset of this eruption, a total of 12 fissures have emerged.

Multiple earthquakes/aftershocks of magnitude 2.5 or higher recorded in the past week; but earthquake activity has diminished by approximately 33% from May 6


• Evacuations: 1,650 residents of Leilani Estates & Lanipuna Gardens (775 homes) under mandatory evacuation; Leilani Estates allowed limited, short-term reentry

• Shelters: 2 shelters open / 147 occupants (Region IX Update #5 as of 6:37 p.m. EDT May 7)

• Damage: 35 homes destroyed; no major damage to critical infrastructure (CIKR)

• Temporary Flight Restrictions for non-relief aircraft operations extended to May 15

• Pahoa-Pahoiki road closed from Highway 132 to Highway 137

State / Local Response

• HI EOC at Partial Activation

• Governor declared State of Emergency & activated HI National Guard

• State is working to restore water service to neighborhoods near the fissures

FEMA Response

• FEMA Region IX RWC & Pacific Area Watch at Steady State; continue to monitor

• Four FEMA Region IX LNOs deployed to HI EOC & Hawai‘i County Civil Defense

• N-IMAT East 1 at Region IX; deploying to Hawai‘i County over the next two days

• FEMA NWC is monitoring

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