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Carr Fire: One hospital evacuated; neonatal patients evacuated from another & 8 intermediate care facilities fully evacuated

FEMA Document

Carr Fire – Shasta County, CA
Current Situation

• Fire continues to spread in the north and south; progression into the city of Redding has slowed. Shifting winds in timber fuels combine with steep drainages below control lines are contributing to spot fires crossing lines.

• Fatalities / Injuries: 6 confirmed / 0

• Acres burned: 104k (+8,632); Containment: 23% (+6) • Structures / Homes: o Threatened: 4,012 homes (-966), 22 multiple residences, 12 commercial o Damaged: 209 structures (+44); 165 homes (+22) o Destroyed: 1,132 structures (+258); 818 homes (+161)

• Evacuations: Mandatory for approximately 35k (-4k) people

• Hospitals: o One hospital evacuated; neo-natal patients evacuated from another o Eight intermediate care facilities fully evacuated

• Shelters / Occupants: 5 open / 281 (-156)  occupants (ARC Midnight Shelter Count)

• Infrastructure: o Power outages: 3k customers*; Gas outages: 250 customers o Power grid is stable with excess capacity  o Trinity power plant continues operation; full grid restoration pending inspection
Carr Fire – Shasta County, CA

State / Local Response

• CA EOC at Full Activation; Southern REOC at Partial Activation (day shift only)

• Governor declared a State of Emergency for six counties
FEMA Response

• Emergency Declaration FEMA-3398-EM-CA approved July 28, 2018

• FMAG FEMA-5259-FM-CA approved July 23, 2018

• Region IX: o RWC at Steady State, continues to monitor o IMAT-2 deployed to CA EOC (supported by ESFs 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 12, & DCO) o LNOs deployed to CA EOC and Shasta County EOC • Staging Area established at Redding Municipal Airport o ISB Team and Cache deployed o Commodities prepositioned: Cots, blankets, meals, and water

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