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Lane’s impact on Hawaii


• Shelters / Occupants: 3 (-31) / 85 (-1,017) (ARC Midnight Shelter Count as of 6:45 am EDT August 26)

• Closures o State government offices beginning to return to normal operations o Federal buildings will re-open on August 27 o Schools will re-open on August 27 except for 4 Maui schools

• Transportation o All state routes in Hawaii County are open; minor road flooding and debris obstructions reported across the state o Bus service at limited schedules across all islands, resuming normal operations


Response State / Local

• HI EOC at Partial Activation (Kilauea lava flow and Tropical Storm Lane)

• County EOC Activations o Hawaii County – Full Activation o City and County of Honolulu (Oahu) – Partial Activation o Maui – Normal Operations o Kauai County – Monitoring

• Commodities pre-staged across all the islands with sufficient food available


Federal Response FEMA Region IX

• RWC at Enhanced Watch (24/7)

• IMAT-1 deployed to HI (Kilauea lava flow & Hurricane Lane)

• LNOs deployed to all county EOCs

• Region VII IMAT deployed to Oakland, CA (Hurricane Lane) FEMA HQ

• NRCC de-activated

• FEMA NWC at Enhanced Watch (8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EDT)

• MERS: Bothell MERS deployed to Honolulu, Hilo, Wailuku and Lihue; Denver MERS deployed to Honolulu

• ISBs established in Maui, Kona, and Kauai • Reservist from HLT supporting / monitoring in HI US&R

• Federal Search and Rescue Coordination Group deployed to Honolulu

• Incident Support Team (IST) White deployed to Honolulu

• Three NIMS Type 3 US&R Task Forces deployed to Hawaii: CA-TF8 (Kauai), CA-TF3 (Oahu), and WA-TF1 (Maui)

• Six US&R Mission Ready Packages – Water Operations are on Alert

• Cache for Kauai team arrived at the Honolulu airport on August 25 USACE • Staff (56 (+2) personnel) on Oahu and Kauai including two USACE Power Planning and Response Teams (PRT); two 249th Prime Power Teams; and a Debris PRT

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