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Hospitals in crisis after Michael


  • “…Bay Medical Center, a 300-bed hospital…..The governor had announced that all of the patients in the hospital were to be evacuated, which was expected to take 48 hours.
  • And other residents of the ravaged city were still showing up asking for medical care only to be turned away……
  • Some hospitals in the region closed entirely, and others evacuated their patients, but kept staff in place to run overwhelmed emergency rooms.
  • In Florida, four hospitals and 11 nursing facilities were closed….
  • 35 hospitals or nursing homes in that state were without electricity and operating with generators……
  • Federal health officials said they were moving approximately 400 medical and public health responders into affected areas, including six disaster teams that can set up medical operations outdoors. Some were heading to an overwhelmed emergency department in Tallahassee.
  • Other federal medical personnel were being assigned to search-and-rescue teams to triage people who were rescued…
  • There was a rush to move around 40 people — post-heart surgery patients, critically ill septic patients, respiratory failure patients on ventilators — to safer quarters on lower floors in the central part of the building.
  • Staff members and nurses had to carry some patients down stairways, fearing that the elevators had become unsafe……
  • Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center said on Thursday that it was evacuating all of its approximately 130 inpatients, starting with the most critically ill. The hospital, which was running on backup generator power, had sustained roof and window damage from the storm.……

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