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DRC: One in ten Ebola cases is under five-years-old, while children who contract the Ebola virus are at higher risk of dying from the disease than adults.


“…..Since the start of the response to the latest Ebola outbreak in the DRC, UNICEF and its partners have:

  •  Provided psycho-social and material assistance to 520 affected families with children;
  •  Provided psychosocial support to 421 children in the Ebola Treatment Centers;
  •  Sensitized more than 91,000 children with Ebola prevention messages in schools;
  •  Briefed 4,310 teachers in schools on Ebola;
  •  Equipped 444 schools in high risk areas with hand-washing facilities;
  •  Reached more than 6,753,000 people with Ebola-prevention messages;
  •  Provided access to water to 889,440 people in the affected areas…..”

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