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U.S.: Infectious Diseases Occurring in Workplaces

Su C, de Perio MA, Cummings KJ, McCague A, Luckhaupt SE, Sweeney M. Case Investigations of Infectious Diseases Occurring in Workplaces, United States, 2006–2015. Emerg Infect Dis. 2019;25(3):397-405.

Reported case investigations of infectious disease occurring in workplaces, by industry categories, occupations, and diseases, United States, 2006–2015*

Industry category (NAICS code) Occupations Infectious diseases References†
Agriculture, forestry, fishing, and hunting (11) Hunter Brucellosis (61)
Farmer Variant influenza A(H3N2); Escherichia coli infection (83); (71)

Rodent breeder

LCMV infection


Construction (23)




Manufacturing (31–33) Drum maker Anthrax (2)
Poultry vaccine production worker Salmonellosis (29)
Poultry-processing worker Campylobacteriosis (17)
Furniture company worker Tuberculosis (54)
Slaughterhouse inspector Q fever (65)

Automobile manufacturing worker

Legionnaires’ disease


Transportation (48) Truck driver Streptococcus suis infection; cryptosporidiosis (79); (88)

Pilot, flight attendant



Professional, scientific, and technical services (54)

Laboratory worker

Vaccinia virus infection, HIV infection, plague, cowpox, meningococcal disease, brucellosis


Administrative support and waste management and remediation services (56)




Education services (61)

School employee, teacher



Healthcare and social assistance (62) Healthcare worker (security guard, nurse, nursing aide, physician, volunteer, environmental services) Mumps; MRSA skin infection; norovirus gastroenteritis; adenovirus 14 infection; RSV infection; Trichophyton tonsurans skin infection; meningococcal disease; influenza; salmonellosis; Ebola virus disease; measles; TB (51); (52); (56); (57); (62); (64); (66); (11,68); (87); 
(14); (92); (12,77)

Childcare worker

E. coli infection


Arts, entertainment, and recreation (71) Wildlife biologist Plague (59)
Animal caretaker MRSA skin infection (63)
Adult film performer HIV infection (36)
Spa maintenance worker MAC infection (22)
Filmmaker Coccidioidomycosis (24)

Day camp counselor



Food services (72)

Cook, food server

Norovirus gastroenteritis; salmonellosis; E. coli infection

(20); (19); 

Other services except public administration (81) Embalmer TB (16)
Animal refugee worker Tuberculosis; sealpox virus infection (28); (18)
Pet store worker Salmonellosis (74)

Missionary worker

Melioidosis; dengue fever

(75); (70)

Public administration (92) US Customs officer Measles (9,10)
Police officer Meningococcal disease (66)
Firefighter Cryptosporidiosis (88)
Correctional officer Cryptosporidiosis; Shiga toxin–producing E. coli infection; TB; coccidioidomycosis; (78); (71); (12); (90)
Military Legionellosis; TB (73); (53)

*An expanded version of this table showing complete details on all cases is available online ( HIV, human immunodeficiency virus; LCMV, lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus; MAC, Mycobacterium avium complex; MRSA, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus; RSV, respiratory syncytial virus; TB, tuberculosis. NAICS, 2012 North American Industry Classification System (
†Reference numbers >50 and additional details on the literature search are available in the Appendix.

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