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FEMA 9/3/2019 SitRep


Situation Projected Impacts:

• Wind: hurricane conditions are expected within the hurricane warning area in Florida by today; hurricane conditions are possible in the hurricane watch area beginning Wednesday

• 4-7 feet of Storm Surge north of Deerfield Beach to Lantana, FL 2-4 feet; water levels could begin to rise well in advance of the arrival of strong winds and will be accompanied by large and destructive waves

• Rainfall accumulations: coastal Carolinas 5-10 inches, isolated 15 inches; Atlantic coast from the Florida peninsula through Georgia 4 – 8 inches, isolated 10 inches; may cause life-threatening flash floods

• Surf: large swells are affecting the Florida east coast and will spread northward along the southeastern U.S. coast during the next few days; likely to cause life-threatening surf and rip current conditions

• Tornadoes: isolated tornadoes are possible through Tuesday along the eastern coast of Florida


• Storm Surge Warning for Lantana to Altamaha Sound

Storm Surge Watch from north of Deerfield Beach to south of Lantana; Altamaha Sound to South Santee River

• Hurricane Warning for Jupiter Inlet to Ponte Vedra Beach

• Hurricane Watch from north of Deerfield Beach to Jupiter Inlet; north of Ponte Vedra Beach to South Santee River

• Tropical Storm Warning for north of Deerfield Beach to Jupiter Inlet

• Tropical Storm Watch for north of Golden Beach to Deerfield Beach and for Lake Okeechobee

Lifeline All lifelines remain GREEN

Safety and Security

• FL: Mandatory evacuations for 11 counties; voluntary evacuations 6 counties

• GA: Mandatory evacuations for 6 counties • SC: Mandatory evacuations for 8 counties

• NC: Mandatory evacuations for 2 counties

Food, Water, Shelter  *

• FL: 52 shelters open with 6,271 occupants

• GA: 10 shelters open with 283 occupants

• SC : 19 shelters open with 290 occupants

Health and Medical

FL: Hospital Evacuation: (3 in progress, 3 complete, 3 planned); Nursing Home (5 in progress, 11 completed, 3 planned); Health Care Facilities (24 in progress, 20 completed, 24 planned


• FL: retail fuel availability continues to improve as state expedites resupply shipments

Transportation • Airports: FL: Vero Beach Regional, Palm Beach International, Ft. LauderdaleHollywood International and Orlando-Melbourne International closed

• Ports: FL: Miami, Everglades, West Palm, Jacksonville, and Canaveral closed; Key West, and Fernandina open with restrictions

• Train: Amtrak will not operate south of VA between Sept 3-5

• GA DOT will begin contraflow operations for I-16 and I-75


Local Preparations/Response

• FL, GA, SC, NC, and Seminole Tribe of Florida EOCs at Full Activation

• TN, MS and VA EOCs at Monitoring

• NC Governor requested an Emergency Declaration on September 2

• VA Governor declared a state of emergency on September 2

Federal Preparations/Response

• FEMA-3421-EM-SC approved September 1, 2019

• FEMA-3422-EM-GA approved September 1, 2019

• FEMA-3420-EM-STOF approved August 31, 2019

• FEMA-3419-EM-FL approved August 30, 2019

• NRCC at Level I, 24/7 with all LNOs and all ESFs

• Region IV RRCC at Level I, 24/7

• Region III RWC at Enhanced watch; RRCC activated to Level II, day shift only

• IMAT Teams deployed: o National IMAT East deployed to FL o Region III IMAT will re-deploy from WV to VA EOC at 9:00 a.m. today o Region IV IMAT-1 to FL; IMAT-2 to GA o Region VII IMAT to SC o Region VIII IMAT to deployed to NC

• Region IV LNOs deployed to FL, GA, Seminole Tribe of Florida, SC and NC • Region III LNO deployed to VA • ISB Teams deployed to AL, GA, NC and SC • ISB Charlie Team restaging to Fort A.P. Hill, VA; ISB established at Fort Bragg, NC

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