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The economics of cholera

“…..Our analysis included 14 Asian countries that were estimated to have a total of 850,000 cholera cases and 25,500 deaths in 2015. While, the WHO cholera report documented around 60,000 cholera cases and 28 deaths. We estimated around $20.2 million…. in out-of-pocket expenditures, $8.5 million…in public sector costs, and $12.1 million… lost productivity in 2015. Lost productivity due to premature deaths was estimated to be $985.7 million…… Our scenario analyses excluding mortality costs showed that the economic burden ranged from 20.3% ($8.3 million) to 139.3% ($57.1 million) in high and low scenarios when compared to the base case scenario ($41 million) and was least at 10.1% ($4.1 million) when estimated based on cholera cases reported to WHO……”


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