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Typhoon Bualoi (22W) – Western Pacific

Situation: (Advisory #10 as of 5:00 a.m. EDT) • 100 miles E of Saipan, moving NW at 10 mph

• Maximum sustained winds 110 mph (CAT 2)

• Expected to intensify further over the next few days

• Typhoon-force winds extend 45 miles; tropical-storm-force winds extend 150 miles

• Typhoon Warning & Flash Flood Watch in effect for Tinian & Saipan; Tropical Storm Warning in for Agrihan, Pagan, and Alamagan


Lifeline Impacts: All lifelines remain Green (Region IX SLB as of 11:00 p.m. EDT)

Food, Water, Sheltering:

• Shelters: Saipan: 8 open with 312 occupants; Tinian: 1 open with 16 occupants; Rota: all closed (Region IX Incident Report Update #7)

Health & Medical: Saipan: Hospital has two weeks supply of water and generator fuel; medical supplies for two months


• Tinian: 1 cell tower on generator power (due to Hagibis)

• Saipan: 2 cell towers taken offline as a precaution


• Port condition Zulu (closed) for Tinian, Saipan and Rota;X-Ray (open with restrictions) for Guam

• Airports: Saipan is closed; all other airports remain open
State / Local Response:

• Emergency Declaration FEMA-3425-EM-CNMI approved on October 20, 2019 • CNMI EOC at Full Activation (day shift) o Typhoon Condition I for Saipan and Tinian o Typhoon Condition III for Agrihan, Alamagan and Pagan


FEMA / Federal Response:

• FEMA Region IX at Steady State

o Region IX IMAT-2 staged in Guam pending deployment to CNMI

o 2 LNOs deployed to Guam; 2 deployed to CNMI

o MCC and select ESFs activated

• NWC at Steady State

• 1 ISB/SMT team deployed to Guam

• MERS staged in Guam pending deployment to CNMI






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