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Breaking news: A man walked into the Chabad synagogue in Poway, CA and started shooting causing at least 4 casualties with 1 confirmed death

4/20/1999: At approximately 11:19 a.m., Dylan Klebold, 18, and Eric Harris, 17, dressed in trench coats, began shooting students outside the school before moving inside to continue their rampage. By 11:35 a.m., Klebold and Harris had killed 12 fellow students and a teacher and wounded another 23 people.


4/16/2007: The Virginia Tech Shootings– 32 people died after being gunned down on the campus of Virginia Tech by Seung Hui Cho


FBI: Active Shooter Incidents in the United States in 2018


By the Numbers
* 27 incidents in 16 states
* 213 casualties – excluding the shooters
* 85 killed
* 2 law enforcement officers killed
* 1 unarmed security officer
* 128 wounded
* 6 law enforcement officers wounded

* 27 shooters – 23 male, 3 female, 1 at large
* 10 committed suicide
* 11 apprehended by police
* 4 killed by police
* 1 killed by citizens
* 1 at large
* 9 incidents ended with the exchange of gunfire between the shooters and law enforcement

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The 27 active shooter incidents occurred in 16 states.
■ Four incidents occurred in California.
■ Three incidents occurred in Florida.
■ Two incidents occurred in each of the following states: Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, New Mexico, Pennsylvania,
and Texas.
■ One incident occurred in each of the following states: Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee,
Washington, and Wisconsin.
Ten of the 27 incidents met the criteria cited in the federal definition of “mass killings,” that is, “three or more
killings in a single incident.

3/21/1960: In the black township of Sharpeville, South Africa, Afrikaner police open fire on a group of unarmed black South African demonstrators, killing 69 people and wounding 180 in a hail of submachine-gun fire.


Utrecht: A shooting on a tram in which three were killed and another 5 were wounded at least


NZ: 49 dead and 20 seriously wounded

‘Multiple fatalities’ as gunmen open fire in two mosques in New Zealand’s Christchurch


At least 5 students were killed and another 9 wounded in Brazil on Wednesday when two assailants, both former students, broke into a school and opened fire



Five people have died following a workplace shooting in Aurora Friday afternoon. The suspect, identified as Gary Martin, was shot dead




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