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Brazil: A mining dam burst on Friday, killing at least seven and leaving 200 people missing.


1/20/1980: Bleachers at a bullring in Sincelejo, Colombia, collapse, resulting in 222 deaths



Jan. 15, 1919: “Send all available rescue vehicles and personnel immediately — there’s a wave of molasses coming down Commercial Street.”


  • The Great Boston Molasses Flood of 1919
  • 2 million gallon tank erupted
  • 21 killed



In the city of Magnitogorsk: The explosion that collapsed a high-rise building wasn’t terrorism, but a crumbling infrastructure



Russia: The number of people killed in an apartment building in central Russia that partly collapsed after an explosion is up to 38.


12/6/1906: The worst mine disaster in U.S. history


“…..In West Virginia’s Marion County, an explosion in a network of mines owned by the Fairmont Coal Company in Monongah kills 361 coal miners. It was the worst mining disaster in American history……”

11/9/1965: The Great Northeast Blackout


“…..The Great Northeast Blackout began at the height of rush hour, delaying millions of commuters, trapping 800,000 people in New York’s subways, and stranding thousands more in office buildings, elevators, and trains. Ten thousand National Guardsmen and 5,000 off-duty policemen were called into service to prevent looting……”

On this day in 1940, the Tacoma Narrows Bridge spectacularly collapses


“……Following the collapse, it was revealed that the engineers had not properly considered the aerodynamic forces that were in play at the location during a period of strong winds. At the time of construction, such forces were not commonly taken into consideration by engineers and designers…..”

An eastern China coal mine collapse 11 dead, with 10 miners still trapped underground


Rome escalator suddenly speeds up injuring dozens of soccer fans.


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