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About Learning Ventures

This is the first edition of our semi-monthly newsletter. Through this web-only publication, the staff of Learning Ventures will work with faculty and students to give information, stimulate ideas, and promote valuable discussions about teaching and learning at The University of Toledo. Learning Ventures is just two months old, but we already have plenty to do. 

Our mission:

“Learning Ventures provides leadership, knowledge, and expertise for a learner-centered community of teachers and scholars at the University of Toledo. Through the development of new approaches to “hybrid” modes of instruction using technologies that expand boundaries associated with traditional course-based learning, Learning Ventures is dedicated to promoting and sustaining a learning environment that can best prepare students for complex challenges. Learning Ventures will cultivate the development of “active learning” strategies, ongoing self-assessment in teaching, new instructional approaches and technologies, and widespread employment of educational strategies that enhance retention and outcomes.”

In the next issue, we will host a discussion of “hybrid learning.” This discussion will be linked to our blog (http://wordpress.utoledo.edu/learningventures) and our Epsilen page (http://www.epsilen.com/grp/UTLearningVenturesGroup) so that we can engage across disciplines and across colleges, and so that we at Learning Ventures can learn from students, faculty, and our constituents.


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