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Sharing students’ files to the class

Some instructors have required students to submit and share work using the Messages tool.  However, the Messages tool allows users to attach only one file at a time, and can create organizational challenges for students.  Additionally, large file attachments sent to all course users increases the overall file size of a course, which can impede system backups.  Therefore, instructors should encourage students to share work in other ways.

One alternative to using the Messages tool would be to use a Discussion forum.  In a forum, students can attach files to a discussion post, or copy their assignment into the post itself.  This method allows students to submit their assignment in one place, thus making it easy for everyone to view the work.  This solution can also be used for peer review and critique, as classmates can respond to student work with comments or suggestions.

Another option would be to use the File Exchange feature in the Groups tool.  The instructor can create a group that includes the entire class, and then enable the “File Exchange” option. This option allows students to view their classmates’ assignments from the File Exchange.

A final option would be to create a Content Area where the instructor could showcase student  assignments.  Once assignments are collected with the Assignment tool or a File Response Quiz, the instructor could then upload student files to the Content Area, and make the items available for students to view.  Alternatively, the instructor could make a .zip archive of student files and upload the .zip file to the course.  Students could then save that archive to their computers for offline access.

If you would like to learn more about the tools and concepts outlined above, please contact your LV instructional designer or UTLV@utoledo.edu