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Archiving and Copying Courses

Faculty members are encouraged to create an archive of their course each semester.  The archive package is then saved to the faculty member’s computer and it can be re-uploaded to a blank Blackboard course site.  The archive package consists of all course content, tests, and tool settings.  However, the archive package does not include user content such as grades or course messages.  In addition to creating a course package, instructors can also copy a previous Blackboard course site into a blank course site to reuse the course site each semester.  The course copy process copies the selected course materials to a destination Blackboard course without requiring users to make a local copy.

When creating a backup copy of the course, instructors can choose to make an export copy or an archive copy of the course.

Export creates a ZIP file in which instructors can specify which content areas and tools they want to include, but does not include user information.

Archive creates a ZIP file that contains all user interactions in addition to course content and tools.

An Export is best for reloading course content from one semester to another while an Archive is best for making periodic backups of your course during the semester.

The export and archive processes create .zip files that can be saved to the faculty member’s computer.  To access the contents of the file, the package must be restored to a Blackboard course site.   Content is not accessible by unzipping the archive package to the user’s computer.

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