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Echo360 Changes

Echo360's Active Learning Platform: Capture and Remote Learning, Student Engagement, Instructional Content Management, Learner Analytics and Dashboard

Starting with Summer 2016, UT will be transitioning to the Echo360 Active Learning Platform, which is a new cloud-based service. This new platform combines Classroom Capture and Personal Capture services with Student Engagement Tools (formerly known as LectureTools) and incorporates additional analytics tools.

Classroom Capture and Personal Capture software will remain the same, but instructors will now use a new portal for managing content. Additionally, the Echo360 player has been redesigned and will allow students to take notes, ask questions, or flag segments in captures that they find confusing. Also included are powerful new analytics tools that will allow instructors to monitor student progress, view how many students have watched videos, and evaluate student engagement. The new Student Engagement Tools will allow instructors to add interactive elements to their presentation slides, such as poll questions, a note-taking platform, interfaces for discussions, and a location for students to ask questions.

At this time, the automatic publishing of individual capture links to Blackboard is not possible. The feature is currently in development at Echo360. However, you can link your Blackboard course site to your Echo360 “course portal,” which is similar to the EchoCenter in the current version of Echo360.

Starting this Summer, all new content will be published to the Active Learning Platform, while existing content will continue to reside in the previous Echo360 environment, for now. Instructors can continue to link to existing content in the previous Echo360 environment, and UT Online will work to identify content that can be migrated to the new Active Learning Platform, if desired.

For more information about Echo360 and any of the aforementioned components, please visit the Echo360 How It Works page or contact the UT Online Help Desk. Trainings on how to use the Classroom Capture, Personal Capture, Student Engagement Tools, and analytics will be offered this Spring and Summer. Please register for these trainings on the UT Online Trainings and UTC Student Engagement Tools pages. Furthermore, step-by-step instructions will be available for instructors in the coming months on the UT Online Guides page. Please also watch email for future updates and instructions.

What’s New for Summer 2016

In Summer 2016, you will see some exciting new changes with our supported technology. Please read the headings below for what’s new:

Collaborate Ultra is here!
Collaborate Ultra Web Conferencing is a whole new experience. Most importantly, the new version no longer requires a separate “launcher” plugin to be installed. Entry into the “classroom” is much easier than ever before. While the new version doesn’t yet have some of the features of the classic version, it will meet the needs of many instructors and students and is a much more seamless experience than classic Collaborate. You can add Blackboard Collaborate Ultra using the instructions found here. More information about Blackboard Collaborate can be found here.

Collaborate “Classic” will be unavailable by default.
For those instructors who require some of the advanced features available only in the classic version of Collaborate, you will need to take a few extra steps to enable it in your courses. Please refer to the Enabling Collaborate Classic in Your Blackboard Course guide to learn what these steps are.

The classic chat and virtual classroom tools will be disabled.
Due to the removal of Java support in many browsers and the announcement that Java will be discontinued, we will be removing the Chat and Virtual Classroom tools from Blackboard. We highly recommend using the new Collaborate Ultra in place of these tools.

Batch add/remove Grade Center columns
The Batch Create/Delete Grade Columns tool allows instructors to add/remove manually-created columns at once. Please see the Creating Multiple Grade Columns and Deleting Multiple Grade Columns guides for more information. Information on making these tools available in your course can be found in the Enabling Third Party Building Blocks guide.

The New Echo360 Platform (previously Echo360 Lecture Capture and LectureTools)
Echo360 has migrated to a new platform that allows for seamless integration of classroom captures, personal video captures, and student engagement tools that allow for polling, note-taking, and other interactive experiences. Additionally, detailed analytics are available to track student participation in student activities and videos.

Single Sign On
Move between Blackboard and other UT applications that support single sign on! Coming this summer, users will be able to authenticate on one site and move seamlessly among Blackboard, e-mail, myUT, and other UT applications.

Bb Student
Bb Student is a free mobile app for students to access course content.For courses that make use of Blackboard, the app will provide mobile access to much of the content and many of the tools that you need. While using the app is a great way for you to stay involved in your courses, please remember that it is not a replacement for using a desktop or laptop. The app is still an evolving product and it is possible you may miss something important if you use only the Bb Student app to access Blackboard. You should always use a desktop or laptop directly connected to the internet to take graded quizzes, tests, and other high-stakes assessments. More information about the Bb Student app can be found on Blackboard’s Bb Student page. The app can be downloaded from your mobile device’s app store.

Bb Grader
Bb Grader is a free mobile app for faculty to use when grading student submissions and monitoring student progress. More information can be found on Blackboard’s Bb Grader page. The app can be downloaded from your mobile device’s app store. While using the app is a great way for you to access student submissions remotely, please remember that it is not a replacement for using a desktop or laptop. The app is still an evolving product and it is possible you may not be able to access all assignments or files submitted by students.

Refreshed Support Tabs
Be on the lookout for a fresh look and new content being added to the Faculty Resources and Faculty Support tabs at the top of your Blackboard window!

Have questions? Need help? Free one-on-one technology trainings and consultations are available to all UT faculty. Contact UTLV@utoledo.edu to schedule an appointment.

Protect the Integrity of Exams with Respondus

Respondus, Inc. is offering a series of free webinars on Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor.  Respondus LockDown Browser® is a custom browser that locks down the testing environment within Blackboard. Respondus Monitor® is a companion product for LockDown Browser that enables institutions to protect the integrity of non-proctored, online exams. Now is the perfect time to attend a session and prepare for the spring and summer terms.

To register, visit www.respondus.com/webinars. Each 45-minute webinar provides a live demo, as well tips that will help faculty to get started with these applications right away:

Introduction to LockDown Browser & Respondus Monitor
This introductory webinar provides an overview of two applications: Respondus Monitor and LockDown Browser. It is intended for anyone interested in learning how to protect the integrity of online exams, in both proctored and non-proctored settings. The session is 45 minutes, plus a Q&A period at the end.

  • Tuesday, November 10 at 4 pm EST

Instructor Training for LockDown Browser & Respondus Monitor: Prevent Cheating During Online Exams
This comprehensive training webinar is intended for instructors who plan to use LockDown Browser and/or Respondus Monitor with online exams. The session is 45 minutes, plus a Q&A period at the end.

  • Tuesday, November 17th at 1 pm EST
  • Tuesday, December 8th at 3 PM EST

To schedule a one-to-one consultation, please contact email utlv@utoledo.edu or call 419-530-8835.

TurningPoint/Clickers Rep Visiting Campus (2/4 & 2/5)

TurningPoint, PowerPoint Polling, Anywhere Polling, Self-Paced Testing

Learning Ventures’ new TurningPoint (Clickers) Representative, Tom Sheridan, will be spending a full day on campus on Tuesday, February 4, in order to get acclimated with to the department and processes regarding Clickers in the classroom. Tom will be setting aside time that day to visit offices and to answer questions for existing and/or prospective faculty pertaining to the use of Clickers. If faculty cannot meet on Tuesday due to class schedules, meetings, etc., Tom has agreed that he can meet with those faculty by appointment on Wednesday, February 5.  If you are interested in learning more and would like to reserve time to speak with Tom, please contact Tom Sheridan directly at tsheridan@turningtechnologies.com or email Todd Rains in Learning Ventures at Todd.Rains@utoledo.edu.

Blackboard 9.1 Transition: Update & Issues

Our transition to Blackboard 9.1 has been compared to “wrestling bears.” Whether this comparison is favorable or unfavorable I will leave to you, and so much depends upon the size of the bear and whether it has been de-clawed, but the message was clear: it has not been easy to make the change, particularly for those of us who like to take a more “hands-on” role in course design.

As part of our regular updates about the transition, the LV Instructional Designers and I would like to address recurring issues and solutions that might help you and your students. You can help us a great deal by leaving comments below: are you frustrated with a feature or a bug (and if you can’t tell the difference, it’s probably a bug)? Is there a mystery tool that you’d like to use but know nothing about? Have your students encountered a problem? Leaving comments here will help us share knowledge and find solutions more quickly.

Some notes:

  1. Phoebe Ballard sent us the following today: “If faculty choose to use the Messages tool ONLY for all course related email, they will need to disable to the Email tool for the course in Customization > Tool Availability. If they do not, students will still be able to send Blackboard generated utoledo email via the My Institutions tab.” You may have noticed that the “WebCT Email” function is called “Messages” in Blackboard, and the Blackboard “Email” tool actually integrates with UTAD and generates an email to the preferred UTAD address. Depending on how you want communication to work in your course, you may wish to disable this function following Phoebe’s instructions above.
  2. If imported content from WebCT appears for instructors but not students:
    -Go to the File Manager.
    -Click on the Contextual Menu to the right of the WebCT imported content folder and select Permissions.
    -Click the Add Course User List button near the top of the screen.
    -Click the check box to the left of All Course Users and click the Submit button to secure your changes.
  3. We’ve discovered that some course content displays perfectly well in one browser but not in another, and the same is true of quiz tools. We recommend that students and faculty download and use Firefox. It is more stable, faster, and seems to give us the fewest fits. If something seems to be “broken” on the site (for students or faculty), you can always try to clear the browser’s cache and try to do something over. If that doesn’t work, try another browser (Explorer, Safari (for mac or windows), or, if you’re feeling adventurous, Chrome or Opera) and see if that clears up the problem.
  4. If you’ve started teaching using Blackboard, you’ve noticed that your course comes with a busy-looking “Homepage.” That is a machine generated page that provides students with notifications of new material, announcements, due dates, and reminders. It is a very good thing for students, so we strongly recommend that you leave that page displayed. You do not need to do anything to that page but simply ignore it. It is so that the students can be notified of changes and updates at a glance and will help them with time management.
  5. Lance Stoll requests (or perhaps “strongly urges”) faculty who would like to have a web assisted course to use our “WA Course Request” link on the LV home page, even if you have already submitted a request. It really is the fastest way to get your course assigned.

To those of you trying Blackboard 9.1, we appreciate your patience and your willingness to work with us. We are still a few days behind in processing the hundreds of requests we’ve received over the last few days, and we are still dealing with the occasional glitch or hiccup in the marriage of Banner and Blackboard, but that’s to be expected in any marriage. Again, comments are welcome and appreciated. How has your experience been? How can we help you?