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Protect the Integrity of Exams with Respondus

Respondus, Inc. is offering a series of free webinars on Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor.  Respondus LockDown Browser® is a custom browser that locks down the testing environment within Blackboard. Respondus Monitor® is a companion product for LockDown Browser that enables institutions to protect the integrity of non-proctored, online exams. Now is the perfect time to attend a session and prepare for the spring and summer terms.

To register, visit www.respondus.com/webinars. Each 45-minute webinar provides a live demo, as well tips that will help faculty to get started with these applications right away:

Introduction to LockDown Browser & Respondus Monitor
This introductory webinar provides an overview of two applications: Respondus Monitor and LockDown Browser. It is intended for anyone interested in learning how to protect the integrity of online exams, in both proctored and non-proctored settings. The session is 45 minutes, plus a Q&A period at the end.

  • Tuesday, November 10 at 4 pm EST

Instructor Training for LockDown Browser & Respondus Monitor: Prevent Cheating During Online Exams
This comprehensive training webinar is intended for instructors who plan to use LockDown Browser and/or Respondus Monitor with online exams. The session is 45 minutes, plus a Q&A period at the end.

  • Tuesday, November 17th at 1 pm EST
  • Tuesday, December 8th at 3 PM EST

To schedule a one-to-one consultation, please contact email utlv@utoledo.edu or call 419-530-8835.

Respondus LockDown Browser – Mac/Java issue

If you use Mac OSX with the latest release of Java (version 1.6.0_29) Respondus LockDown Browser will crash when you take an exam containing essay questions.

The issue is that WebKit-based browsers running with Java 1.6.0_29 will crash if a Java applet is encountered. Respondus LockDown Browser relies on WebKit so it exhibits the same behavior. Respondus developer community anticipates that either WebKit or Apple will resolve this issue in quick order.

Academic Support has applied a patch for the Mac edition of LockDown Browser released by Respondus. The patch will detect, upon startup, whether a user is running Java 1.6.0_29. If this combination is found, users will receive this message:


WARNING: Java version 1.6.0_29 detected.

This version of Java is known to be incompatible with your learning system and may cause this browser application to crash. We recommend that you do NOT continue. As a work-around, you may consider using a different computer.

    [Quit]  [Continue]


If you see the warning message, click “Quit” and use another system such as Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard to take tests with LockDown Browser.  All main campus computers in the Information Commons and college labs should have a working copy of Respondus installed.

Attention “Respondus” Users

We heard from a faculty member today who asked, “Why did I get an error message when trying to publish a test to Blackboard 9.1 using Respondus?” When trying to publish a test to Blackboard using respondus, instead of a “successful” message he received an error message in the final stage. If you are a Respondus user you will also receive an error message – “Error Importing Exam”– in the final stage when publishing a test.

The issue is caused by an incompatibility between the Respondus software package and the service pack 3 we just applied to Blackboard 9 a week ago. However, Respondus has released an update to fix this problem. To resolve this problem, simply start your Respondus, click “Help” > “Check for Update” > “Get Update.”

If you do not use Respondus to create, publish, and assess tests in Blackboard, search this blog for “respondus” and visit an instructional designer or one of our “Hone In” sessions to learn more.

Feel free to contact UTLV@utoledo.edu if you have questions.