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Echo360 Changes

Echo360's Active Learning Platform: Capture and Remote Learning, Student Engagement, Instructional Content Management, Learner Analytics and Dashboard

Starting with Summer 2016, UT will be transitioning to the Echo360 Active Learning Platform, which is a new cloud-based service. This new platform combines Classroom Capture and Personal Capture services with Student Engagement Tools (formerly known as LectureTools) and incorporates additional analytics tools.

Classroom Capture and Personal Capture software will remain the same, but instructors will now use a new portal for managing content. Additionally, the Echo360 player has been redesigned and will allow students to take notes, ask questions, or flag segments in captures that they find confusing. Also included are powerful new analytics tools that will allow instructors to monitor student progress, view how many students have watched videos, and evaluate student engagement. The new Student Engagement Tools will allow instructors to add interactive elements to their presentation slides, such as poll questions, a note-taking platform, interfaces for discussions, and a location for students to ask questions.

At this time, the automatic publishing of individual capture links to Blackboard is not possible. The feature is currently in development at Echo360. However, you can link your Blackboard course site to your Echo360 “course portal,” which is similar to the EchoCenter in the current version of Echo360.

Starting this Summer, all new content will be published to the Active Learning Platform, while existing content will continue to reside in the previous Echo360 environment, for now. Instructors can continue to link to existing content in the previous Echo360 environment, and UT Online will work to identify content that can be migrated to the new Active Learning Platform, if desired.

For more information about Echo360 and any of the aforementioned components, please visit the Echo360 How It Works page or contact the UT Online Help Desk. Trainings on how to use the Classroom Capture, Personal Capture, Student Engagement Tools, and analytics will be offered this Spring and Summer. Please register for these trainings on the UT Online Trainings and UTC Student Engagement Tools pages. Furthermore, step-by-step instructions will be available for instructors in the coming months on the UT Online Guides page. Please also watch email for future updates and instructions.

What’s New for Summer 2016

In Summer 2016, you will see some exciting new changes with our supported technology. Please read the headings below for what’s new:

Collaborate Ultra is here!
Collaborate Ultra Web Conferencing is a whole new experience. Most importantly, the new version no longer requires a separate “launcher” plugin to be installed. Entry into the “classroom” is much easier than ever before. While the new version doesn’t yet have some of the features of the classic version, it will meet the needs of many instructors and students and is a much more seamless experience than classic Collaborate. You can add Blackboard Collaborate Ultra using the instructions found here. More information about Blackboard Collaborate can be found here.

Collaborate “Classic” will be unavailable by default.
For those instructors who require some of the advanced features available only in the classic version of Collaborate, you will need to take a few extra steps to enable it in your courses. Please refer to the Enabling Collaborate Classic in Your Blackboard Course guide to learn what these steps are.

The classic chat and virtual classroom tools will be disabled.
Due to the removal of Java support in many browsers and the announcement that Java will be discontinued, we will be removing the Chat and Virtual Classroom tools from Blackboard. We highly recommend using the new Collaborate Ultra in place of these tools.

Batch add/remove Grade Center columns
The Batch Create/Delete Grade Columns tool allows instructors to add/remove manually-created columns at once. Please see the Creating Multiple Grade Columns and Deleting Multiple Grade Columns guides for more information. Information on making these tools available in your course can be found in the Enabling Third Party Building Blocks guide.

The New Echo360 Platform (previously Echo360 Lecture Capture and LectureTools)
Echo360 has migrated to a new platform that allows for seamless integration of classroom captures, personal video captures, and student engagement tools that allow for polling, note-taking, and other interactive experiences. Additionally, detailed analytics are available to track student participation in student activities and videos.

Single Sign On
Move between Blackboard and other UT applications that support single sign on! Coming this summer, users will be able to authenticate on one site and move seamlessly among Blackboard, e-mail, myUT, and other UT applications.

Bb Student
Bb Student is a free mobile app for students to access course content.For courses that make use of Blackboard, the app will provide mobile access to much of the content and many of the tools that you need. While using the app is a great way for you to stay involved in your courses, please remember that it is not a replacement for using a desktop or laptop. The app is still an evolving product and it is possible you may miss something important if you use only the Bb Student app to access Blackboard. You should always use a desktop or laptop directly connected to the internet to take graded quizzes, tests, and other high-stakes assessments. More information about the Bb Student app can be found on Blackboard’s Bb Student page. The app can be downloaded from your mobile device’s app store.

Bb Grader
Bb Grader is a free mobile app for faculty to use when grading student submissions and monitoring student progress. More information can be found on Blackboard’s Bb Grader page. The app can be downloaded from your mobile device’s app store. While using the app is a great way for you to access student submissions remotely, please remember that it is not a replacement for using a desktop or laptop. The app is still an evolving product and it is possible you may not be able to access all assignments or files submitted by students.

Refreshed Support Tabs
Be on the lookout for a fresh look and new content being added to the Faculty Resources and Faculty Support tabs at the top of your Blackboard window!

Have questions? Need help? Free one-on-one technology trainings and consultations are available to all UT faculty. Contact UTLV@utoledo.edu to schedule an appointment.

Fall 2015 Training Schedule

Learning Ventures is offering a series of FREE online faculty development workshops, technology training sessions, and certificate courses this fall. All faculty and teaching assistants, with or without previous online teaching experience, are invited to attend.

Space is limited. Register now at:
Learning Ventures Workshop Registration Form


  • Accessible PDF Documents
  • Accessible Word and PowerPoint Basics
  • ADA Compliance and Online Courses**
  • Creating Accessible Blackboard Courses

Blackboard Learn

  • Blackboard Learn: Basics I
  • Blackboard Learn: Basics II
  • Blackboard Learn: Creating Tests, Assignments, and Surveys
  • Blackboard Learn: Managing Student Grades Using the Grade Center
  • Blackboard Learn: Importing Tests and Surveys Using Respondus

Instructional Design and Best Practices

  • Alignment 101
  • Applying the Quality Matters Rubric**
  • Blogs and Journals for Reflective Learning
  • Customizing the Appearance of Your Course
  • Designing an Online Module
  • Designing Your Course Structure
  • Getting Learners Started
  • Introduction to Blended Learning
  • Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning
  • Managing the Online Workload
  • Online Discussions
  • Online Teaching Certificate**
  • Promoting Online Instructor Presence
  • Rubrics
  • Using Video for Effective Online Learning
  • Wikis for Collaborative Learning
  • Writing Measurable Learning Objectives

Web Conferencing, Video, and Lecture Capture

  • Blackboard Collaborate (Web Conferencing) – Basics
  • Blackboard Collaborate (Web Conferencing) – Intermediate
  • Echo360 (Lecture Capture)

** Sessions marked with an asterisk are part of the Pathway to Master Online Instructor Program.

If you are not able to attend one of the workshops or certificate courses above, please email utlv@utoledo.edu to schedule a one-on-one or group consultation with an educational technologist or instructional designer.

If you have any questions, or encounter a problem with your registration, please contact Learning Ventures at utlv@utoledo.edu or 419-530-8835.

OAA Offers New Accessibility Workshops

The Office of Academic Access has partnered with Learning Ventures to offer two technical training sessions related to accessibility:

How to Make Accessible PDF Documents
February 19, 2014 from 9 AM – 10 AM in Carlson Library 0500C
Learn how to properly scan a PDF document, tag a document, add alternative text to images, and more. This workshop will show participants how to create PDF documents that are accessible and readable by computer software.

How to Make Accessible Word Documents
March 12, 2014 from 9 AM – 10 AM in Carlson Library 0500C
Learn how to add headers to a page, add alternative text to images, run accessibility checker, and more. This workshop will show participants how to create Word documents that are accessible and readable by computer software.

Space is limited. To register, please visit: https://utdl.edu/DL_training/.

Recorded Webinar: Setting Up Your Course Without a Template

Templates make it easy for faculty to get a jump start on course design and to ensure that students experience a consistent learning environment across courses. But what if you’re flying without one? In this previously recorded webinar, viewers will learn strategies and best practices for setting up a course in Blackboard Learn without a template, and discover embedded resources for design and technical support.

Setting Up Your Course in Blackboard Without a Template
Presenter: Phoebe J. Ballard, UT Learning Ventures

 This webinar is part of the Blackboard Innovative Teaching Series (BITS). To learn more, visit www.blackboard.com/BITS.

Blackboard Innovative Teaching Series (BITS)

The Blackboard Innovative Teaching Series (BITS) is a free weekly webinar series designed to help support and mentor faculty using Blackboard Learn. Harnessing its community of Blackboard users, BITS will share the top strategies and pedagogy for both increasing educator efficiency and improving learning outcomes. The program consists of weekly faculty training webinars that are taught by faculty and supported by Blackboard experts.

To register for one or more of the following sessions, visit:


  • Accessibility Matters! – Part Two
  • A Systematic Approach to Creating Accessible Video Content for Online Courses
  • BITS Office Hours: Course Design
  • Blackboard in the Flipped Classroom
  • Incorporating Gamification Into Your Curriculum
  • Maximize Engagement & Extend the Learning Experience with Social Learning
  • Organizing Your Course in Blackboard Learn
  • Setting Up Your Course in Blackboard Learn Without a Template
  • Strategies for Providing Effective Feedback to Students
  • Supporting the Seven Principles with Blackboard Learn
  • The Online Collaborative Experience

Join the Blackboard Exemplary Course Cohort (7/22 – 8/12)

Using the Blackboard Exemplary Course (ECP) Rubric as a guide, Blackboard’s Exemplary Course Cohort will provide theoretical concepts and practical tools for instructors to recognize, organize, and build online courses for both blended and online learners. Over the course of four weeks, ECP Directors and 2013 Exemplary Course Winners will expand upon each element of the rubric. This program is most beneficial to educators and designers who are new to online learning.

The cohort will not have weekly assignments, and there is no cost to participate. Live sessions will be held each Monday at 11 AM EDT and will run from July 22 until August 12. All sessions will be recorded and posted online.

To register and learn more, visit: http://learn.blackboard.com/ecpcohort

WebCT –> Blackboard, Urgent Message


After consulting with faculty and assessing our options last spring, Learning Ventures began the transition from WebCT to Blackboard (Bb) 9 in March of 2010. If you are still using WebCT for online or web-assisted teaching, the time to switch is now.

The GOOD news is Bb 9 has some great tools for engaging students online:

  • The Blog (web log) tool is a great way to encourage the development of an online community.
  • The Discussion Board is easier to grade and easier to track student posts and replies.
  • The Journal tool offers a private way to communicate with your students while tracking their individual reflections.
  • The Wiki tool allows a group of students to collaborate on a collective document.
  • The SafeAssign tool helps students cite their writing properly.
  • The Assignment drop box allows you to submit multiple documents at once.
  • You can drag and drop files to the course.

Bb 9 is a very different experience for the faculty and the instructional designer; therefore, you will need time and assistance to create a maximally learning-centered experience for your students. Learning Ventures offers extensive, hands-on support for faculty who use Bb 9. In addition to our regularly scheduled workshops (schedule available here: https://utdl.edu/DL_training), we invite your department or program to schedule an instructional session at your convenience.

To get more information about Bb 9, or to make an important connection with an instructional designer, contact LV:

Email: UTLV@utoledo.edu
Phone: 419.530.8835
Chat: utoledo.edu/dl, use our chat window

For more updates on the transition, follow us on Twitter (@UTLV) and check our blog (feed available on the “Teaching” pane in the UT Portal. Also: http://wordpress.utoledo.edu/learningventures).